Buy Merck Serono

Merck Serono's HGH  is a FDA approved Huaman Growth Hormone. Merck Serono in Mexico comes in small 1.33 mg, 4 IU vials that is mixed manually. Merck Serono's HGH is like Humatrope and Norditropin is FDA, pharmacy grade HGH. While Merck Serono does have a 8mg, 24 IU pen the price for the pen is 3x the amount per IU for the vial. If you are looking for a pen because of its easy of use, we highly recommend the Norditropin NordiLet pen.

Update on Merck Serono products, they no longer carry the 1.33mg or the 8mg pen in Mexico. The only thing we currently sell is th 20mg pre-mixed cartridge which loads in the EasyPod. 

1 Merck Serono 20mg sells for $899

3 Merck Serono 20mg sells for $2399

If you are interested in either please email me.

Disclaimer; We are not allowed to use Sa*zen name as Merck Serono lawyers claims the following, eventhough we are licensed in Mexico and buy Sai*en directly from Merck Serono's authorized dealer out of Mexico City;

"Thomsen Trampedach GmbH represents the pharmaceutical company, Merck KGaA, with respect to intellectual property protection matters. Merck KGaA owns and has continually been using the Sai*en / Ser*stim trademark in connection with its business and online. The Merck KGaA site can be accessed at the URL

The Sai*en / Sero*tim trademark is highly valuable to Merck KGaA, they seek to protect the trademark from potential marketplace confusion and dilution by tarnishment.

Given the gravity of the situation and its importance to Merck KGaA, we kindly request that you remove all mentions of Saizen / Serostim at this URL as soon as possible, and latest within 5 business days after your receipt of this notice."