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Wednesday 09 December, 2015

" Hgh- I have been taking Hgh for 3 months now because of a pituitary problem I have. I'm 38 years old and have never wanted to get out of bed when the alarm goes off, believe it or not in the last month I'm up before it goes off and feel alive... This is a first for me. I am looking forward to continuing this product to see what other wonderful things start to happen!

Customer service - ok so I love the guy on this sight! So easy to talk to, so knowledgable and he remembers me when I call! ( and it's usually every 3 months) the delivery of the products are always spot on and so quick!!! I have done business with other websites and people in the past and it's half ---! Most of the time they don't speak clear English ether! This guys even got a sense of humor!! I recommend this sight to anyone wanting to feel confident about what they are getting and when it will be there!! Thanks Mike "
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