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Guidelines follows all customs guidlines by shipping only a 3 month supply at a time from Mexico..

You need to check your local laws regarding importation of medications from other countries. Some countries are more strict as well are some localities.

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Drug Policy and any affiliate pharmacies will NOT

Fill prescriptions for narcotics or any other controlled substances.

Purchase and Return Policy of

Once a medication has left the pharmacy, you may call to discuss the return of any medication. If unused and unopened there should be no problem as long as the boxes have not been tampered with. All other situations is a case by case situation that would need to be discussed in detail.

Privacy Policy

All information submitted to via the Internet, phone, fax or mail is held in the strictest confidence and will not be sold, shared or viewed by anyone other than the staff at and the company's affiliated partners. This information will only be used for the purpose of processing, dispensing and delivering your prescriptions. Full policy can be read here

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Below you will find our Client Agreement, its long and the lawyers insist we include it.
By shopping on you electronically sign by accepting when you check out.



Client Agreement & Authorization Form      

This Client Agreement and Power of Attorney, also known as Client Agreement and Authorization, (this Agreement), consisting of two (2) pages, must be signed, dated and delivered to ( HM), a provider of international medication fulfillment services, by any customer or client (I or me) who is purchasing medications (Medications) through HM by using the HM order service. I acknowledge and agree with HM as follows:

  1. If placing this order as a customer, I, on behalf of myself, my heirs, assigns and successors, hereby agree to all of the following terms and conditions represent that I understand all of the following terms and conditions and that I have had adequate opportunity to consult any advisors necessary, whether medical, legal or otherwise.
  2. If I am placing the order on behalf of someone else, I represent that I have all necessary consent, permission and authorization to do so on behalf of that person and their heirs, assigns and successors and the person I represent agrees to all of the following terms and conditions, understands all of the following terms and conditions and has had an adequate opportunity to consult any advisors necessary, whether medical, legal or otherwise.

    In the case of paragraph 1 above, if I do not agree with all of the following terms and conditions, I agree that I will not place any orders. In the case of paragraph 2 above, if I do not have that person's consent, permission or authorization or that person does not agree with all of the terms below, I agree that I will not place any orders.
  3. I understand and acknowledge that all orders, including all prescription dispensing and patient medication consultation services, are being provided by a HM partnered licensed Mexican and/or International pharmacy and that the information and services provided by HM are strictly for the purposes of assisting me in filling a order prescribed by a qualified licensed physician. Furthermore, I understand and acknowledge that the medications I order through HM may be dispensed and shipped by a licensed pharmacy located in a country outside of Mexico (each referred to as an International Pharmacy). I further acknowledge that I have been made expressly aware of the specific country or countries my medication order(s) will be processed, dispensed and shipped from, and that I voluntarily consented and authorized HM, its affiliates, contractors, and agents to facilitate the processing of my orders through these countries.
  4. I understand that it is my responsibility to have My Own Physician conduct regular physical examinations of me, including any and all suggested testing by My Own Physician to ensure that I have no medical problems which would constitute a contradiction to me taking medications prescribed by My Own Physician. I agree that should I suffer any adverse affects while taking any prescription medication that I will immediately contact My Own Physician and that in the event I come under the care of another physician, I will inform him or her of any and all medications that I have been prescribed.
  6. I understand and acknowledge that HM is not a physician and does not provide any medical advice. I further understand and acknowledge that HM is a referral and escrow service established to help me obtain my medications from a licensed pharmacy.

Authorization, Consent and Power of Attorney

* I hereby consent to HM, and any licensed Mexican and International Pharmacy supplying my order, collecting my personal and medical information, maintaining the information necessary to quickly process future orders which may include retaining on file my name, address, phone number, medical information, payment and other information and verifying future orders.
* I confirm that my personal and medical information will be handled only by HM order-processing employees and contractors in accordance with HM's Privacy Policy, which may be updated from time to time.
* I hereby acknowledge and understand that HM will in all instances substitute generic drug equivalents unless specified otherwise by myself. I also understand that HM will in all instances use Mexican or International drug equivalents, including generics, to fill my order, and therefore brand names may vary.
* If I was directed to HM's services through an affiliate or intermediary (for example Pharmacy Benefit Manager, Health Management Organization, or other healthcare service provider), I hereby authorize HM to release the following data to such an intermediary:

A numerical identifier indicating that I was a patient referred from that source;

Financial information that will permit the processing of any claims on my behalf;

It is my understanding that all such intermediaries will enter into Confidentiality Agreements where they agree to abide by the privacy policies of HM relating to the protection of my personal health information. I specifically consent to the transmission of the forgoing information by electronic means.

Disclosure and Representations

* I represent that ALL of the following statements are true and agree that HM and its employees and contractors (pharmacists and pharmacy technicians) are relying on these representations:

  1. I am of the age of majority or older where I reside;
  2. I can make my own medical decisions according to the law of the country, state, or other applicable jurisdiction where I reside;
  3. The product I am requesting HM to assist me in obtaining was prescribed/recommended by a qualified physician licensed where I reside;
  4. With respect to any of the medications which I now or hereinafter order from HM, I will take the same for at least 30 days immediately prior to the date that I submit my order to HM;
  5. I am not violating any laws where I reside by placing this order;
  6. I will use any medication obtained for me by HM strictly according to the instructions provided by my physician;
  7. I am placing this order for medication for my sole use and I will not provide any quantity of this medication to any other person;
  8. I am not seeking or relying on any medical information from HM and I have consulted a qualified physician licensed where I live within the last year; and I will immediately contact my primary physician in the event I suffer any unexpected side effects from any medication obtained for me by HM.
  9. HM does not require me to provide a prescription for the products being ordered, I acknowledge that I have received all necessary medical authorization and approval from a qualified medical doctor licensed in the state in which I reside to legally place such an order and to use the products being ordered. I further acknowledge that my health and my use of the products ordered is being closely monitored by a licensed medical doctor and that I have and continue to receive all necessary professional medical advice on my current and future use of such products.
  10. I understand, acknowledge, and agree that by placing my order (or initiating my order) through the website, I become a customer of and therefore may receive communications from concerning my order or other promotional offers.

* has made no representations or warranties to me, including, without limitation, representations or warranties with respect to any delivered medications usefulness or fitness for a particular purpose (including, without limitation, its appropriateness for curing or helping relieve any particular ailment, illness or disease, or its potential or actual side or adverse effects whether previously known or unknown).

Purchase and Sale Terms

* HM, through its contracted billing services provider Baja South, LLC, will charge my credit card the following amounts for each order: the TOTAL COST OF THE MEDICATIONS as posted on the HM website or HM internal pricing system on the day HM receives my order and SHIPPING AND HANDLING COST for each package HM ships.
* In the event my payment is not authorized, HM has the right to cancel my order and attempt to provide me with notice of such cancellation.

* HM, through its contracted billing services provider Global Health Supplies will charge my credit card a $30 fee for each cancelled order.
* HM reserves the right to refuse to assist me in obtaining any order in its sole discretion, in which event I will be entitled to a refund for monies paid for such order.
* HM does not provide its agent or attorney services as a substitute for health care or the advice of a physician.
* HM will not exchange medication or return any monies paid once an order is filled, unless the medication provided to me by the supplying pharmacy does not correspond with my order.

Release and Waiver

* I hereby release and save HM and its employees, officers, directors, delegates, agents, affiliates and contractors (including, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians) harmless from any and all suits, demands, liabilities, claims, actions, expenses, losses and damages of any kind or nature whatsoever, including, without limitation, general, direct, special, indirect and consequential damages and costs of litigation (including reasonable attorney fees) arising from:

  1. my use of the medication obtained for me by HM including, without limitation, any and all side effects whether previously known or unknown;
  2. HM or its contractors manner or timeliness of completing any actions I have authorized above, including, without limitation, their manner or timeliness in prescribing the appropriate strength, dosage, or dispensing generic drugs and non-child-protective packaging; and
  3. My breach of any terms, conditions or representations or warranties in this agreement.

Nothing in this release shall be deemed to release any HM pharmacy or pharmacist contractors from compliance with the applicable standards of practice or usual professional duties and obligations, which a pharmacist owes.

* If any term or provision of this agreement is determined to be invalid or unenforceable by any court, such determination shall not invalidate the rest of this agreement which shall remain in full force and effect as if the invalid term or provision had not been made part of this agreement.

Governing Law

* I agree that any and all agreements reached or contracts formed throughout the course of the relationship between me and HM shall be deemed to be made in the State of Baja California, Mexico and accordingly shall be governed by the laws of the State of Baja California and the laws of Mexico applicable to such contracts and agreements.

I, the client, have read, understood and agree to all of the foregoing in this two (2) page document entitled Client Agreement & Power of Attorney