Why Are More Men Using HGH?

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If you’re like a lot of health-conscious, middle-aged men looking for something to improve performance, you may be curious about HGH (human growth hormone) injections. In this case, you may be wondering, why are more men using HGH? Middle-aged men and athletes are the biggest proponents in adults currently using this form of hormone replacement therapy.
If you enjoy reading articles with content that provides health information for your overall well-being, and you’re looking for information and knowledge about HGH, this article is for you, and the topic for this post.

HGH – 101

Human growth hormone is a polypeptide made up of 191 amino acids and is secreted by the pituitary gland, located at the base of the skull in the brain. The pituitary gland is the center of activity for producing our body’s essential hormones. Growth hormone (GH) has some of the more significant effects on both men and women, especially during adolescence and when we begin the aging process.

HGH Functions

Human growth hormone levels peak during puberty, and after about age 30 start to steeply decline. HGH is responsible for metabolism and metabolic functions, as well as cell repair and cell regeneration. It also supports and initiates tissue growth, such as muscle tissue, within the body, promotes bone growth after a fracture, and decreases adipose tissue or body fat.
Additionally, it increases protein synthesis and lipolysis, helps to keep brain function and heart function normal and healthy, and more. Human growth hormone also helps keep blood sugar levels regulated, primarily by promoting the release of insulin-like growth factor or IGF 1.

Benefits of HGH
Bodybuilders Use HGH
For decades, athletes have known the secret of supplementing with growth hormone (GH) for faster recovery times and improved performance during workouts. In recent years, it’s been called the “fountain of youth” for its anti-aging effects. The fact of the matter is, when our growth hormone declines too much, we start to feel the effects of aging – and worse – we start to show them, too.
People who use HGH injections from HGH Meds experience better overall body composition and a wide variety of benefits, such as:
  • More muscle mass and lean body mass
  • Higher bone mineral density (stronger bones)
  • Better, longer exercise capacity (endurance)
  • Less body fat, especially in the midsection
  • Faster healing times
  • Better cognitive function
  • Improved mood
  • Better sleep cycles

Growth Hormone Deficiency (GHD)

Adults are typically only prescribed HGH supplementation if they suffer from short bowel syndrome or muscle wasting from HIV/AIDS. Of course, there are exceptions, such as tumors or trauma to the brain resulting in damage to the pituitary gland. Notwithstanding, prescribing HGH for anything other than a specifically pre-approved growth hormone deficiency is not FDA approved, in the United States.
Studies show this excludes an entire population of adults and/or patients who do have a growth hormone deficiency, and could greatly benefit from GH replacement therapy but do not meet these highly constrained criteria for proper diagnosis. What’s more, there’s no other way to get HGH treatments that will be effective. Injectable HGH is the only form our body will metabolize, so don’t be fooled by over-the-counter supplements making false claims.

Possible Dangers Of HGH

It’s important to note that taking HGH treatments comes with possible side effects that can be dangerous. Patients who have diabetes, pre-existing heart conditions, have or have ever had any type of tumor, or have a progressive disorder such as scoliosis should not take HGH, as it can worsen these conditions. Too much HGH can cause insulin resistance, elevated cholesterol levels, and data suggests a link to carpal tunnel syndrome.

HGH For Men

Intense Exercise Promotes HGH Production

Men who choose HGH treatment experience a significant loss of body fat, an increase in lean muscle mass, and an improved exercise performance. Low testosterone symptoms such as E.D. or other erectile dysfunctions and vitality-related issues can often be treated effectively with HGH, as well.

Testosterone levels in men decline rapidly in middle age, causing all kinds of problems if not addressed by your physician. Some men take HGH treatment along with testosterone therapy, to maximize their results.
Overall improvement in body composition and workout performance, as well as evidence of anti-aging qualities, are commonly experienced by men using HGH.

HGH For Women

Women Love HGH Too!
Estrogen is the missing link for women and HGH. Although studies show more men are taking advantage of the athletic and anti-aging effects of HGH injections, women also enjoy feeling and looking younger and healthier with growth hormone supplements from HGH Meds!
Once women go through menopause, their bodies don’t produce the amount of estrogen needed for optimal performance and health. These supplements of growth hormone aid in the production of collagen for smoother, firmer, and more youthful-looking skin. HGH improves muscle tone, lean muscle mass, and bone density, plus increases metabolism and helps burn body fat.

HGH Meds

Studies consistently show the potential benefits of using supplements of HGH in adults for reasons that include enhanced athletic performance and vitality, yet doctors remain helpless to act legally towards meeting these increasing demands, in the United States today. It is precisely for this reason so many adults are now looking elsewhere for a solution.
Active Seniors
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