What is Humatrope?

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What is Humatrope?

Humatrope (somatropin) is a man-made, recombinant (synthetic) form of human growth hormone (HGH for short) that is produced by Eli Lilly and Company. It’s a 191-amino acid polypeptide hormone that was originally approved by the FDA in 1987 and is one of the most popular brands of HGH available today.

Like other brands, Humatrope comes in a pen that allows you to easily inject a specified amount of HGH into the fatty tissue found underneath the skin. Since it’s FDA-approved, users can inject Humatrope comfortably – knowing that they’re getting a quality product that’s usually prescribed by a doctor.

With so many different brands available today, we can understand there being a lot of questions about what Humatrope is, what human growth hormone is, why people inject HGH, and what benefits it can provide the body. Don’t worry, we’re going to answer as much of those questions as possible below!

What is Human Growth Hormone (HGH)?

Human growth hormone, also known as HGH, is a polypeptide hormone produced naturally by the pituitary gland (found in the base of the brain) and regulated by the hypothalamus (located above the pituitary gland). Like other hormones in the endocrine system, the body needs a specific amount daily.

The natural process for making HGH starts when the hypothalamus produces growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH). The GHRH is sent to the pituitary gland, where it stimulates the release of HGH. That release continues until the hypothalamus produces somatostatin, which inhibits the release of HGH.

The primary responsibility of HGH is to stimulate growth and development in children, but it also serves a purpose in adults – mainly with the body’s metabolism. And just like any other hormone in the body, too much or too little natural growth hormone can be detrimental to an individual’s health and overall quality of life.

Why Do People Take Humatrope?

The body needs the right amount of HGH in order to function properly, but not everyone’s body produces the correct amount. For those that have a growth hormone deficiency – whether it be a child or adult – taking synthetic HGH injections can help replenish any natural HGH the body isn’t receiving, striking a healthy balance.

Let’s take a look at some of the most prominent medical reasons why some children and adults take HGH:

  • Lack of growth in a child due to low HGH production/release
  • Children born small and/or light
  • Idiopathic short stature
  • Children with Turner Syndrome, a chromosomal error in girls
  • Treat growth failure in children due to Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS)
  • Lack of growth in children due to a chronic renal (kidney) insufficiency
  • Adult growth hormone deficiency

Not only that, but HGH production is known to naturally decrease over time – much in the same way testosterone and other hormones do. To counter this decrease, people take HGH. In addition to the reasons listed above, let’s take a look at some of the off-label reasons why some people might take HGH:

  • Improve energy and strength when exercising
  • Improve athletic performance when working out
  • Lose weight and/or body fat, namely in the waist area
  • Look and feel younger due to its anti-aging properties
  • Slow down the natural aging process
  • Increase bone density and muscle mass

Taking HGH can benefit an individual’s life in many ways, but only if taken properly and not abused. Taking too much or too little human growth hormone can result in adverse effects – such as heart disease, joint pain, severe breathing problems, diabetes, irreversible acromegaly, and more. Tell your doctor if you experience any of the above.

How Much Does Humatrope Cost?

One of the most common questions we get asked, regarding Humatrope, is how much it costs. The answer to that question largely depends on how you’re getting Humatrope and, more importantly, where you’re buying it. For example, insurance may or may not cover the cost if getting prescribed by a doctor.

For those that are purchasing Humatrope without a prescription through HGHMeds, it’ll cost you:

  • 5mg Humatrope – $290 for 15 IU, $1,980 for 90IU (6-pack), $3,960 for 180IU (12-pack)
  • 12mg Humatrope Kit Cartridge – $1,199 for 36IU kit, $2,774 for 180IU kit (5-pack)

Unlike other brands, Humatrope doesn’t come pre-mixed in a ready-to-use pen. Instead, you’ll have to mix the growth hormone solution with plain sterile water or bacteriostatic water. Once mixed, the pen is ready to use – all you need to do is select the dosage and follow the directions for injecting it into the skin.

Where to Buy Humatrope

Are you interested in purchasing high-quality, pharmacy-grade human growth hormone? Are you looking to become the best version of yourself by replenishing the HGH your body has lost through the natural aging process? If you answered yes to either of those questions, then you’ve come to the right place!

At HGHMeds, we only offer the best of the best when it comes to HGH and, while we do offer Humatrope treatment, we also have other popular and effective brands available – such as:

  • Genotropin – this brand is made by Pfizer and has been FDA-approved since the early 2000s. Instead of mixing the solution yourself, the pen comes ready-to-use with the twist of a cap.
  • Norditropin – this brand is made by Novo Nordisk and has been FDA-approved since 1995. The FlexPro pen is one of the most popular pens on the market today and the solution is pre-mixed.
  • Omnitrope – this brand is made by Sandoz pharmaceuticals and has been FDA-approved since 2006. Unlike Humatrope, the solution comes pre-mixed and allows for quick and easy use.

Not all synthetic HGH injections are created equal, but you can rest assured that you’re getting the same brands doctors prescribe to their patients – the same somatropin that children that lack natural growth hormone take. This not only gives you the best possible results, but avoids adverse side effects and significant negative health consequences when taken properly.

If you have any questions about the human growth hormone we offer or are ready to get started with your order, please don’t hesitate to ask by emailing us at support@hghmeds.com.mx – we can’t wait to help you look and feel your best!