What is Human Growth Hormone (HGH)?

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You’ve likely heard about human growth hormones or HGH in the media, on the Web or even in the gym. It’s popularly used among athletes, as well as everyday people. The one thing every HGH user has in common is their desire to look and feel younger. Many people believe it is the fountain (or syringe) of youth and that it will help maintain top performance and even decrease signs of aging. So what exactly is HGH and should you consider buying genotropin too?

What You Need to Know

First things first – growth hormones are a small protein that is secreted by your pituitary gland into your bloodstream. A complex set of hormones control the production of growth hormones, which is located inside of your brain (hypothalamus part), pancreas and intestinal tract.

Naturally, your pituitary glands secrete growth hormones in bursts. This typically occurs after you work out, sleep or experience a trauma. Under normal circumstances throughout the day, your GH levels are lower, then rise again at night. It’s a complex mechanism that even scientists struggle with understanding. Simple blood tests only show that growth hormone levels alternate throughout the day. Careful research has shown childhood to be the time when growth hormones rise. It then peaks at puberty and begins to decline once we become middle aged.

It affects different tissues inside of your body. In adolescents and children, it helps with bone and cartilage growth. In everyone, it helps boost protein products, increases fat utilization, acts as insulin and increases levels of blood sugar. It is also responsible for raising insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) levels.

HGH for Therapy

Today, you can see growth hormones being sold and used worldwide. It is a prescription drug that’s in the form of a shot. It was intended for use in children who have growth hormone deficiency and those who are short in stature. The drug can also be used by adults who suffer from GH deficiency. GH deficiency is an uncommon condition that usually develops in tandem with other major issues within the pituitary gland, hypothalamus or both. Special tests have to be given order to test for deficiency. These tests stimulate the production of growth hormones. Blood tests alone won’t do much for diagnosis and can oftentimes be misleading.

Those who have been diagnosed with GH deficiency can benefit from HGH and oftentimes buy genotropin online. It can reduce chances of fractures, increases muscle mass, improves energy and exercise capabilities, and minimizes chances of heart disease. Unfortunately, there are side effects associated with the drug, which is found in 30 percent of users. This includes fluid retention, carpal tunnel syndrome, joint and muscle pain and increased blood sugar levels.

What Happens When You Take HGH

Adults who undergo HG therapy obtain bigger muscles, a boost in energy and better exercise ability. This is why athletes oftentimes turn to HGH. Unfortunately, it’s been banned by the International Olympic Committee, World Anti-Doping Agency, MLB ad NFL. However, people like Mark Cuban (owner of the Dallas Mavericks) have been fighting to get HGH legalized. This ban is in place because HGH abuse has been witnessed in track and field, baseball and cycling over the years. Competitive athletes risk being disqualified if found using GH. Scientists have yet to research the effects of GH on the field. So far, all they’ve done was use GH and placebo clinical trials to measure the health, body composition, strength and exercise capacity of young athletes.

If you’re interested in improving your workout performance or to reduce signs of aging, consult with a doctor before you buy genotropin.