What is HGH Used For?

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The pituitary gland is a pea-sized gland that’s part of the endocrine system – which is responsible for the production and release of hormones. While the pituitary gland is responsible for producing a number of different hormones, one of the most prominent ones is human growth hormone, also known as HGH.

So, how does this process work? It all starts with the hypothalamus, which is located above the pituitary gland at the base of the brain. When the body needs HGH, the hypothalamus releases growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH), which travels to the pituitary gland – where HGH is produced and released.

Likewise, the hypothalamus releases another hormone – somatostatin – when it’s time for the body to stop producing human growth hormone. Much like GHRH, somatostatin travels to the pituitary gland to inhibit HGH release. This never-ending cycle happens in short spurts throughout the day and night.

What Are the Benefits of Taking HGH?

While the body naturally produces HGH throughout our lifetime, that production peaks when we hit puberty and slowly starts to decline by the time we enter our 30s. Most people won’t notice any changes as a result, but others – especially those that don’t produce enough HGH from birth – can’t say the same.

For those with HGH deficiency, taking a synthetic form of growth hormone can help replenish the HGH your body isn’t making. Since it plays such an important role in growth and development in children, and metabolism in adults, growth hormone deficiency can result in a number of life-changing symptoms – including:

  • Poor growth and development during younger years (delayed puberty)
  • Higher levels of body fat around the waist
  • Reduced libido and sexual function
  • Excessive fatigue, feeling groggy
  • Joint and muscle pain
  • Feelings of isolation, loneliness, not being social
  • Temperature sensitivity (hot and cold)
  • Decreased muscle mass or bone density

While many people take recombinant human growth hormone for medical reasons, others take it for recreational reasons – including:

  • Improving athletic performance
  • Increasing muscle mass or bone density
  • Increasing strength and stamina
  • Decreasing body fat, especially around the waist

No matter what your reasoning is for using HGH, it’s important that you use it properly, responsibly, and safely. There are some side effects – albeit temporary – but complications can arise if too much is taken at once or if it’s taken too frequently. To ensure the best results, consult with a hormone specialist first.

What is HGH Used For?

Different Types of HGH Injections

Over the past 40+ years, the FDA has approved 13 different HGH injection brands for use in the United States. A majority of those 13 brands are irrelevant, unavailable, or hard to find. At HGHMeds.com.mx, we’ve narrowed it down to the four most prominent and reputable brands available today – including:

  • Norditropin – an HGH brand that’s made by Novo Nordisk and has been FDA-approved since 2000.
  • Genotropin – an HGH brand that’s made by Pfizer and has been FDA-approved since 2001.
  • Humatrope – an HGH brand that’s made by Eli Lilly and has been FDA-approved since 1987.
  • Omnitrope – an HGH brand that’s made by Sandoz pharmaceuticals and has been FDA-approved since 2006.

Of those four brands, Norditropin is by far viewed as the ‘gold standard’ in the world today. More than 95% of the HGH we sell is Norditropin – which is nothing against the other brands, but rather a testament to how good Norditropin really is. If you’re considering HGH for the first time, we suggest Norditropin.

How to Increase HGH Naturally

The body produces HGH naturally – ‘behind the scenes’ if you will – and while there’s nothing we can do to stop this decline, there are things we can do to slow it down. It might require some habitual, behavioral or lifestyle changes, but it’ll be worth it once you see and feel the results – you’ll be loving your new self!

Here are some of the things you can start doing today to increase HGH levels without the use of growth hormone injections:

  • Reduce body fat (lower body fat is linked to higher HGH levels)
  • Start exercising regularly (even if it’s just for 30 minutes per day)
  • Intermittent fasting (linked to increase of HGH levels)
  • Supplements (arginine, GABA, melatonin, glutamine)
  • Get enough quality sleep each night

In the event you’re not seeing the type of results you were expecting when making these changes in your life, then HGH injections might be the best course of action for you. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits and risks involved with HGH therapy, consult with a licensed and trusted hormone specialist.

How to Find Pharmacy-Grade Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

When most people hear the term ‘human growth hormone,’ they immediately assume they can’t get it without a prescription from a doctor – especially when they see the term ‘FDA-approved’ associated with it. While a prescription is the traditional way of getting HGH for medical reasons, it’s not the only way.

In fact, you can get pharmacy-grade HGH delivered directly to your house from a trusted and reputable source online – bypassing the need for a doctor’s visit and/or a prescription. That’s exactly what we specialize in here at HGHMeds.com.mx – making growth hormone more accessible to the general public.

The best part is you don’t have to worry about the quality of the HGH treatment you receive. The truth is you’re getting the exact same brands that you would get with a prescription. It won’t be covered by insurance and you’ll be paying out of your own pocket, but you can rest easy knowing you’re getting the best results.

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