What Are the Effects of HGH in Older Men?

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Buy HGH Online and use for Anti-AgingThe interest in human growth hormones first began in the early 90s, after Dr. Daniel Rudman and his peers released a study they performed with men. In the article, it showed older men witnessed positive changes when undergoing HGH therapy. The results included fat loss and muscle gain – two problems that most, older men deal with. Today, you can buy HGH like the Norditropin pen and Genotropin. After this study was published in the New England Journal of Medicine, HGH therapy exploded. Anti-aging clinics across the world adopted HGH therapy to help their patients.

Although it offers improvements in aging men, it doesn’t actually reverse, slow or stop the aging process. It also hasn’t proven to increase your life expectancy. If you’re an aging male looking to buy the Norditropin pen, but want to know more about its effects, then read on!

What is HGH in the First Place?

Before you go and purchase HGH, you should learn what it is and how it affects your body. It is an anabolic hormone that is naturally produced by your pituitary glands. It is at its peak during your youthful years when your body is still growing. Once you hit 20 years old, the production of HGH begins to decrease. Once you reach middle age, symptoms of HGH deficiency starts to set in, which includes fat gain around the abdominals, difficulty maintaining lean muscle growth and other signs of aging.

HGH is responsible for stimulating growth in body tissues, muscles and even skeletal muscle mass. It also helps to break down fat tissues. It’s similar to testosterone, in a sense that it helps with inducing muscle growth. However, that’s where we draw the line in similarities. HGH is made up of a string of 191 amino acids. Synthesizing HGH is more complex, making it more expensive to obtain than testosterone. HGH also has peptide, which is why it’s best taken in injection form.

Taking HGH in oral or inhalable form would cause the supplement to be broken down by your gastric acid, which will prevent it from producing the desired results. This is why it’s recommended to buy HGH in injection form, like the Norditropin pen, versus pills and sprays.

The Benefits of HGH for sale online

The two major benefits of HGH for men is the fact that it helps you to lose weight and build muscle. This is essential for those who are battling illnesses related to obesity, such as diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. Working out while undergoing HGH therapy can speed up results and make them more prominent.

Studies reveal that the therapy can increase lean body mass by nearly five lbs on average, when taken over a 26-week period. Within the same time frame, body fat was reduced by five lbs. Because of this, test subjects were normally the same weight at the end of the therapy. But their body composition had improved.

Combining HGH and Testosterone

Some men seek to improve these results even more and decide to combine HGH with testosterone while working out. A study was done on this, which was published in The Journal of the American Medical Association. It showed striking results in males who took both supplements. They gained nearly 10 lbs of lean muscle mass and lost equal amounts of fat. Their cardio endurance also increased. The men who only took HGH were able to still gain seven lbs of lean muscle mass and lost similar amounts of fat, however their endurance levels didn’t change.

Men who are looking to improve their physique and health should opt for a better diet and exercise regimen. You can also buy the Norditropin pen to enhance your results. Make sure to consult with your physician beforehand.