Treat Testosterone Decline and ED with HGH and Exercise!

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For the male species, testosterone is what makes you look and feel like a man. When your levels of testosterone begin to decrease, so does your manhood. It can have a negative effect on your muscle-building and even cause problems like erectile dysfunction, or ED. Your levels of testosterone begin to decrease when you turn 30 years old. This can make it harder to get great results from your workouts. It’s also the reason why a lot of men buy HGH supplements.

What Causes the Drop in Testosterone?

When your body becomes overactive in the enzyme known as 5-alpha reductase, it triggers a decline in the production of testosterone. This enzyme converts into DHT, which contributes to the decline as well. The issue with low testosterone is that it can lead to men developing issues, such as prostate enlargement, hair loss and cancer.

Another problem is that the decline in testosterone is now creeping up in young boys and infants. This is likely due to the widespread exposure to certain chemicals, which in turn affects their biology. Males in their childhood are already showing signs of a decline in testosterone. These chemicals can be found in just about everything we use today, including statin drugs, Roundup herbicides, cleaning supplies and cosmetic products.

One way to turn this around is to reduce the use of chemical products and resort to green solutions. You can also take supplements like HGH, which you can buy online from a seller in Mexico.

The Link Between Environmental Toxins and Testosterone Reduction

The amount of chemicals we’re exposed to on a daily basis is substantial compared to a century ago. Some of the chemicals introduced in these products are endocrine disrupting, which can exhibit gender-bending qualities.

There are various forms of endocrine-disrupting chemicals out there, such as the following:

  • BPA: This is found in a lot of plastic products, dental sealants, canned foods and water bottles.
  • NPEs: This is a potent endocrine-disruptor that can cause problems with your glands. It mimics estrogen as well.
  • Unfermented soy products: This has hormone-resembling substances.
  • MSG: This is an additive placed in foods, which can cause both fertility and health problems.
  • Fluoride: This is a neurotoxin that is dumped into the US water systems and is linked to reduced sperm count.
  • Pharamceutical drugs: Many contain synthetic hormones, such as contraceptives, which are unnatural to your body, so it responds to the drugs negatively. Long-term use can lead to chronic illnesses.

This is a short list of the chemicals found in common household products. It’s very important to acquaint yourself with them all, so you can limit your exposure to them.

Ways to Reduce Your Exposure to EDCs

It’s going to be very difficult to completely eliminate your exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals, however, you can reduce it. For instance, you can buy cookware that’s made of clay, glass and stainless steel and stay away from those with teflon or plastic. Also, buy fresh or frozen fruits and veggies versus canned goods. Of course, you should also try to find eco-friendly products to clean your body and home with.

How Exercise and Diet Can Help

Exercise, nutrition and supplements can all help you raise your testosterone and improve your sex drive. There are herbs like saw palmetto you can use, and you can buy HGH to help enhance your muscle-building activities. If you’re worried about taking the wrong HGH dosage, you can buy the pen from the Norditropin brand.

Some of the foods you want introduce to your diet include raw milk and cheese, beans, protein-rich meats and fish, fermented foods and mushrooms. You should also work on getting more sunlight, since this can boost your vitamin D levels, which is vital to sustain optimal health.