Tips For Women Over 40 Who Work Out With Weights

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Can I Still Lift Weights?

Wouldn’t you love to have a body like hers, especially at over 40? If you are interested in learning how this post is for you! Women over 40 can still maintain their lean muscle mass, avoid any real muscle loss, and maintain good tone and muscle definition.

How? By following two main fitness routines regularly. First, include some resistance training along with your cardio workouts, performing both on a regular, consistent basis.

Adding strength training exercises using weights to a regular, doctor-approved workout routine is actually preferable, fitness-wise, for women over 40.

So if lifting weights is part of your fitness goals, we say more power to you! Always be sure to let your regular physician know any time you start a new routine, for anything involving aspects of your health.

The Second Foundational Rule

The second basic rule to remember in staying fit and keeping up your metabolism is to add HGH injections to your routine. Taking HGH for vitality is becoming quite popular, and when taken at proper levels with strategic timing boosts the rapidly declining level of naturally occurring growth hormone or HGH.

Since injections are the only form of this replacement hormone drug that is currently FDA approved, it has been difficult to obtain in the U.S. until now, without a prescription.

And it happens to be one that doctors are reluctant to give out at all, as a result. Let’s pick this up later in the article, shall we?

Age – Is It Really Just A Number?

Women over 40 have a tendency to experience the loss of lean muscle mass, and sometimes weight gain, especially in the midsection. Weight loss can also be a problem, depending on your body shape.

So how can we fight these biological changes that occur with age? First, we need to set some fitness goals and include plenty of cardiovascular exercises to stay healthy. A balanced diet is also important along with adequate sleep patterns.

Workouts With Weights – Tips To Stay Fitness Healthy

One specific method stands out, as it has been proven to be especially effective in maintaining significant vitality in both men and women over 40.

These workouts, including the intense training exercises with weights, combined with taking HGH injections, timed just before going to sleep, just 2-3 times a week, can have extreme, long-lasting, and profound results, in both men and women over 40. This is one of the main reasons people are calling it the “fountain of youth”.

Now, let’s talk about the exercises with weights that are best for women over 40. At first, it’s best to work with a trainer at a gym, to make sure you’re using the proper form. Your routine should thoroughly work your entire body and result in muscle endurance, not muscle damage.

In the starting position, hold your feet hip-width, toes pointed slightly to the outside to distribute weight evenly. This helps you distribute and lift the weight with your legs and lower body, instead of risking hurting your back.

Always bend at the knees in a squatting position, rather than at your waist. Keep your back as straight as you can throughout the entirety of the routine, and focus on even, rhythmic, deep breaths as you keep a steady, continuous pace.

Specific Exercises

The amount of weight you’re lifting is not the important thing to consider when resistance training. What you want, instead, is resistance. If that doesn’t make sense to you, try purchasing a resistance belt, and work with a professional until you get used to it.

Get into the starting position and begin with some old-fashioned cardio exercises to get the blood pumping. Remember to stretch and warm up first, especially for women over 40.

Suggestions You Can Use

Cardio can also include things like jumping jacks, pull-ups, and push-ups. A treadmill is excellent as well, and when setting the pace remember it shouldn’t be impossible, but it should be tough.

Push yourself as hard as you can for as long as you can, but don’t push so hard you strain yourself. You will definitely be sore, but that’s what you want in order to get optimum effective results.

Working with weights is a terrific fitness goal, but keep in mind it takes a lot of self-discipline and dedication. Losing weight but keeping muscle tone and mass can be tricky, especially for women over 40.

Don’t make the mistake of doing too much, too quickly. Start with simply using your own bodyweight, then move up to weights slowly, using lower weight dumbbells 5 to [no more than] 20 lbs. each.



You can use dumbbells for a variety of strength training exercises, such as the dumbbell shoulder press. A dumbbell shoulder press works the deltoids, trapezoids, triceps, and rotator cuff muscles in particular.

Take one 5 lb. dumbbell with your right arm and one with your left arm, bending your elbows so that your palms are facing up and you are able to curl them up to your midsection, then above your head extending your arms upwards, then back to the middle, then down.

That’s one cycle, so repeat this 12-15 times for one rep.

A dumbbell bench press is much better adapted for women over 40, or anyone who experiences joint pain, over a regular barbell bench press.

Two smaller weights can have the same effect with less strain. You can also think of this as a chest press, as it primarily works chest or pectoral muscles, as well as triceps and deltoids.

When preparing to do any kind of bench press or bench work, lay flat on your back and place your right leg on the floor next to the bench, with your right knee lined up straight with your right ankle. Then place your left leg on the floor to the left of the bench, in the same exact manner.

Burn Fat, Lose Weight, Keep Muscle Tone

Yes, losing stubborn body fat is going to take some hard work, especially if you’re looking to lose weight, burn fat and keep muscle tone. But the good news is that it’s possible! The best fat-burning exercises are typically ones used in a cardio routine. (You know, they’re the ones that require the most heart-pumping energy!)

Weight loss without losing muscle tone (or mass) is a challenge all its own, especially over 40. This is why working out with weights is a great way to achieve your weight loss goals and have a better, more youthful-looking body.

Additional HGH Information

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HGH injection

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In Conclusion

When fighting the very laws of gravity along with the natural aging process, only one thing matters results. How do you tap into this secret anti-aging formula?

It’s right here: high-intensity exercise (such as we’ve been discussing) 3-5 times a week, combined with regular HGH injections, a healthy diet, and good sleep patterns, will enable you to maintain vitality and youth.

A healthy, fit, youthful appearance and energy metabolism is the ideal prescription for a happy, confident existence that lasts well beyond our 40s, 50s, and even 60s+.