The Role of Vitamin K and HGH in Promoting Health

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Osteoporosis is alive and well in the aging adults of America. It’s becoming an epidemic, which is surprising for a nation that consumes lots of calcium-rich foods and drinks. But as consumers are beginning to learn, there’s more to bone health than calcium alone. Your skeleton is made up of various minerals, which are needed to maintain itself. For instance, Vitamin D, K and others are also essential. Even human growth hormones are starting to be used to aid in bone health. People tend to buy HGH products like Norditropin pen and Humatrope because it helps build bone density.

How Vitamins Work Together

In order to understand how bone health works, you have to understand how vitamins and minerals work together to keep them strong. For instance, you need sufficient amounts of vitamin D in order to properly absorb calcium. This is key because a lot of Americans today are vitamin D deficient. This is likely why so many older adults in the U.S. are battling with osteoporosis. Vitamin K, particularly vitamin K12, is also essential for keeping your bones strong.

Reducing Osteoporosis and Fracture Risks

There was a study published in the Osteoporosis International that fractures that occurred over the course of a lifetime can be reduced by consuming sufficient amounts of supplements containing vitamin K1, K2, D3 and calcium. The first ten years following menopause causes a woman’s bone density to decrease at an accelerated rate. This is also the time frame when osteoporosis starts to set in.

A lot of people mistakenly believe that supplements are all that’s needed to keep their bones healthy. The truth is that a healthy diet, safe amounts of sun exposure (for vitamin D) and supplements are needed to prevent osteoporosis.

Is Vitamin K1 Better than Vitamin K2?

There’s a theory that vitamin K2 could be better for your bones than vitamin K1. Research was performed based on this theory. The study consisted of 50-year-old women who were post-menopausal. At the end, it was revealed that combining vitamin K1, D3 and calcium reduced lifetime probability of fractures by 20 percent, while adding vitamin K2 with D3 helped to reduce it by 25 percent.

So what’s the difference between vitamin K1 and K2?

  • Vitamin K1 can be found inside of green veggies, which is then distributed into your liver. This is how your body is able to manage healthy blood clotting abilities. This nutrient is also needed to help prevent serious bleeding disorders in babies.
  • Vitamin K2 is produced by bacteria and is normally found in high concentrations inside of your gut. Since it isn’t absorbed from here, it ends up coming out through your stool. Rather than going into your liver, vitamin K2 goes through your vessel walls, tissues and bones.

It’s plain to see why vitamin K2 would exhibit better results for the bones than vitamin K1.

The Role of HGH in Bone Density

Human growth hormones play a major role in the development of people. As a baby, child and teenager, your body is in high production of HGH, which helps the body to properly grow and mature. But as time goes on, the amount of HGH your body produces decreases exponentially. This causes a variety of side effects, including thinning bones, excess weight gain and hair graying. The anti-aging effects HGH shots offer is one of the reasons why people like to buy the Norditropin pen.

Those who take HGH oftentimes claim to see age-related symptoms reversing, such as losing belly fat, restoration of hair color and thickness and an increase in bone density. If you are worried about taking the correct dose of HGH, you can buy Norditropin pen, which comes premixed for you.