Take 10 Years Off Your Body with These Workout Tips

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Exercise, diet and healthy lifestyle choices are essential for keeping your body looking and feeling youthful. Few people know that exercising actually does reverse aging, right down to a molecular level. Your DNA itself is changed by exercise. In one study, the lifestyles of 2,400 twins were analyzed. Long story short, the ones that regularly exercised had telomeres that were substantially longer. Telomeres are essentially your body’s biological marker. The shorter they get, the older you get. Once they become too short, the cells begin to die. A lot of workout enthusiasts know this and even buy Saizen and Buy Humatrope to help enhance their anti-aging results.

Those leading a sedentary lifestyle are at risk of aging faster than their physically active counterparts. The test subjects that worked out less than 30 minutes daily had telomeres that appeared to be a decade younger than the ones that only worked out 16 minutes weekly.

Anyone who’s serious about reversing signs of aging should commit themselves to working out. You can buy Saizen and find Norditropin pen for sale online. These can be used in combination with the following workout tips to help shave 10 years off your body.

Sculpt Your Body

A body that is well-sculpted looks more youthful. Picture the 65-year-old grandmother who has tight, firm arms and legs compared to another with saggy skin. The former one will look much younger than the latter, no doubt. This can be done with strength training. Start out with three sets of 10 reps. Do whatever weight you feel you can do without straining. This should be done 20 minutes per day, three days a week. Focus on sculpting all areas of your body.

Shed Inches with Cardio

Cardio exercises are the answer when it comes to improving your overall vitality and performance. This should be done six days per week in the form of aerobics. Options include walking briskly, jogging, climbing, biking and swimming.

Stress-Reducing Yoga

Yoga is known for its physical and psychological benefits. The stretches and breathing exercises can help reduce stress on your body and mind. Stress is one of the leading causes of rapid aging. It’s recommended that you practice yoga daily for 10 minutes. You can learn the moves yourself or follow along with a DVD or online video.

If you decide to buy Saizen as part of your anti-aging regimen, make sure to mind the dosage.