Older Bodies Change With Age, HGH Creates Change for Better Rather Than Worse.

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As we age our bodies get older and with that usually comes more brittle bones, less energy, worse cognitive function, and sometimes uncomfortable sleeping patterns.

Hundreds of prominent clinics have popped up over the past hundred years. With technological and medical studies increasing they are able to now provide HGH, human growth hormone to many elderly people looking for a fountain of youth.

With some of the most careful and largest studies for human growth hormone in older people, researchers are finding that it can significantly transform older individual’s bodies for the better.The potent effects are making it clear that HGH really could be the new fountain of youth. Those who took HGH in these studies have lost fat, gained lean body mass, had a significant increase in energy, even saw skin tightening, and much more positive effects giving an all-around younger feel.
Researchers are led to believe that sex hormones and growth hormones are the keys to the weakening changes that come with aging.

As one gets older growth hormone levels starts to deplete. By age 59 one can already have half of what they had at 30. For men, testosterone decreases as well while women’s estrogen levels greatly diminish after menopause. Hormone deficiencies, in particular, a lack of growth hormone, can be linked to loss of enthusiasm and energy, increased body fat, decreasing muscles, and brittle bones. People who have depleting growth hormones usually have all these symptoms and signs of aging. This is being reversed when one takes HGH.

The striking results from these studies have shown that men who took growth hormone gained an average of 7 pounds of body mass that is lean while losing corresponding amounts of fat. It even showed an increase in clear cognitive function and endurance. Women who took growth hormone under these studies gained a couple pounds of lean body mass and loss 5 pounds of unnecessary fat. They also saw results of tightening skin and a more youthful appearance. For both women and men, growth hormones appeared to be the major factor of significant change in the body’s composition.

George Burns says, “You can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to get old.” He said it best, although there is no true fountain of youth, HGH may be the next best thing to help you stay young even with the inevitable increase of age.

You do not have to just wait for father time to slowly peck away at you. Instead, using HGH in one of the various ways with healthy diet and exercise is the best way to beat father time. You can start with a moderate protein intake of approximately .35 grams per pound body weight. Another key is a balanced exercise plan usually consisting of at least 30 minutes of simple exercise like walking. After taking the appropriate tests figuring out if you are hormone deficient then look into what form of HGH you may need to take to help create a well-rounded solution to aging. By taking all these precautions one can reduce the risk of several chronic illnesses, enhance your enjoyment and vigor of life and most importantly slow down the hands on the clock of aging.