It’s a Fact: Exercise Promotes Male Fertility and Anti-Aging

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When you think of fertility, what likely comes to mind is a woman. Men are oftentimes overlooked as having fertility issues, not because it’s not common, but because light isn’t shed upon it. Data shows that 90 percent of male infertility is caused by poor sperm quality and low sperm count. The other 10 percent is caused by genetic defects, structural abnormalities, hormonal imbalances and other issues. Overcoming infertility doesn’t necessarily require a medical approach. Research shows you can use exercise to improve fertility. What better way to enhance your workouts than with HGH? You can buy HGH online from a reputable seller.

How Exercise Improves Fertility for Men

There was a study performed in Iran that shows the positive effects exercise has on the sperm quality of men. In the study, the researchers analyzed how various levels of exercise affected the sperm quality of sedentary males. It showed that a third of couples battling with infertility was due to poor sperm quality.

In the study, 261 healthy males were evaluated over the course of six months. The men were between 25 and 40 years old and weren’t engaging in any exercise routine. The individuals were placed into four different groups. The first didn’t exercise, the second used HIIT, the third group worked out three times a week for 30 minutes at moderate intensity (treadmill) and the fourth group worked out three times weekly for an hour at high intensity continuous training (treadmill).

Semen samples were collected before, during and after the completion of the six-month trial. The scientists looked at the shape, size, motility, count and volume and amount of inflammatory markers. The group with the best improvements was the third group, followed by the second and fourth groups.

If the participants decided to buy HGH, then they would’ve been able to enhance their results. You can find the Norditropin pen for sale online, which is known to help slow aging. This brand of HGH comes with the dosage already pre-mixed.

Moderate Exercise is Key

Those who are looking to increase their fertility and longevity should engage in moderate intensity workouts three times per week. You should buy HGH to speed up your process. It’s also been found that other environmental and lifestyle factors can decrease your sperm quality and count, such as electromagnetic fields, obesity, drugs, alcohol and biking.

If you’re serious about staying youthful and fertile, then you need to stay away from these things and get into a workout regimen using HGH.