Is 7 Minutes of Working Out Enough to Stay Fit?

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In the past, it was all about how long and how often you worked out. Today, we’re learning that you can obtain max benefits and results by working out less. Think of the emergence of the high-intensity interval work outs. This focuses on training three times weekly, 15 minutes per session. This is a steep decline from two decades ago, when working out daily or 5 times weekly for 30-60 minutes was highly promoted. The more we learn about personal fitness, the better our chances of gaining the results we want. To help reach your goals, you can buy HGH online, which can aid in muscle building and fat loss.

The Switch to Shorter Workouts

The concept of working out just 15 minutes per day is widely accepted today. Now, we are hearing an even lower number being boosted as effective. But can working out for just seven minutes really be enough to gain and maintain sufficient fitness levels?

Biologically speaking, your body is designed for short intense bursts of activity. However, modern society has inhibited our natural instincts and habits. We no longer have to hunt or live in survival mode, which suits our biological programming.

Now, we have to ensure we partake in exercises to maintain our fitness. Thankfully, we have supplements we can use, such as HGH from brands like Humatrope and the Norditropin pen that you can buy online.

The concept of working out for seven minutes sounds great, especially given the fact you don’t need any equipment.

Gaining Top Results with Little Effort

It’s like a dream come true for folks who hate working out. A study was done by the Human Performance Institute in Florida, which reviewed the benefits of working out in high-intensity circuit training. Only body weight was used for the resistance.

Traditionally, you had to do between eight and 12 reps and two to four sets for each major group of muscles. This may be effective, but it’s not efficient for those who have busy schedules. It’s also the reason why so many people stop working out before they see any results.

The idea of the seven-minute workout is to focus on a combination of resistance and aerobic training. Doing so can help improve your VO2 max, weight loss, lowered resistance to insulin.

If you’re currently trying to lose weight or get in tip top shape, then HIIT is right for you. You should buy HGH online from a reputable seller to help ensure you get the best results possible.