How To Reverse The Aging Process – Cell By Cell

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Aging Gracefully

Do you feel you are aging gracefully, so far – albeit a few more laugh lines and maybe some crow’s feet, here and there? Do you know your energy level just isn’t what it used to be, and do you feel more aches and pains every day? If so, you may be wondering if science has made any progress in reversing aging techniques. In this article, we will discuss what we know, what we’re recently discovering, and how to reverse the aging process, cell by cell – since aging occurs, like life itself, on a cellular level.

When it comes to understanding the natural aging process, we can find most of the answers by understanding the role of something called HGH, or human growth hormone, within the body. Only now that we can fully decode a human DNA strand, do we have a much better understanding of what the body is made up of, as well as how its systems and processes work.

Growth Hormone

HGH or GH, growth hormone, for short, is a naturally occurring hormone that is secreted by the pituitary gland in large quantities during adolescence and before, while we’re still growing. Some people are born with or develop a GH deficiency, typically children or those plagued with rare conditions, and must take HGH injections. The role of HGH in the body is multifarious, but some of its functions significantly affect things like:

  • cell regeneration
  • tissue repair
  • body composition
  • body fluids
  • heart function
  • memory
  • metabolism
  • sleep
  • food intake/fat storage and fat burning
  • produces naturally occurring insulin, called IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor-1) in the body


Negative Associations

Besides gaining wisdom from making all kinds of mistakes and senior discounts, everything associated with aging is negative. There are multiple age-related diseases we become susceptible to because of our weakened immune system. Our elderly loved ones suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, Osteoporosis, Arthritis, and glaucoma, plus a ton of physical attributes that we associate with age and find instinctively less attractive. Wrinkles, incontinence, forgetfulness, aches and pains, eyesight problems and more, have all become widely accepted as a natural part of the aging process.

We lose muscle mass but gain weight in our midsection, our bones become more brittle but less dense, our eyes develop cataracts and degenerate, fine lines and wrinkles become prominent, and the list of common complaints of the elderly goes on and on. It is typically not something anyone just suddenly chooses to do one day or likes and looks forward to! On the contrary, the press and special members of the elite (celebrities and other rich and influential) glorify youth and vilify the old. New is upbeat and energetic, useful and popular – old is slow, repulsive, useless, and obsolete.

Skin – Scars And Wrinkles

When it comes to age and aesthetics, it pretty much comes down to our skin. Skin cancer, premature skin aging, and sun damage can occur from prolonged or too much sun exposure, often such that can’t be avoided. Acne scars or other scars such as stretch marks can also affect the skin permanently in a negative way, but scars can heal, and can even be virtually erased, these days – but what about skin elasticity, and the ensuing fine lines and wrinkles? Is there a way to stop them? How about age spots or skin tags that multiply, the older we get?

Is Aging Curable?

All of these things beg the question, is it possible to reverse aging and enjoy a hugely extended life, or even immortality? Results from a study published by the Independent Press in the UK in November 2020, found that an intense form of oxygen therapy treatment actually had a huge effect on reversing signs of aging at the cellular level. For 90 minutes a day, 5 days a week for 3 months, 35 participants aged 64 or overspent time in a pressurized oxygen chamber getting pure oxygen.

When it comes to reversing the signs of aging, there are two primary indicators of biological age: telomere length and senescent cells (old, dead, or malfunctioning cells). Telomere length significantly becomes shorter in older people, a key indicator for the body that signals multiple different systems to either start or stop other processes (such as the decline in GH production) that cause old age and its symptoms.

The scientists apparently treated aging as a disease, looking for ways to “cure” and reverse aging processes started by these indicators. The trial showed participants had an increase in telomere length by an average of 20% and senescent cells were decreased by up to 37%, just in that brief 3 months’ time! Concentrated, pressurized oxygen seems amazingly unlikely as the cure for aging, but further research is certain to be forthcoming. Other research being studied is equally promising, and we are hopeful!

HGH Injections Can Help

Although science and technology have advanced and learned significantly to theoretically be able to “fix” the human-machine indefinitely, it will likely still be a while before any such technology is developed and made available to the public. Until then, HGH injections can be used for anti-aging benefits, giving you a younger appearance overall. Research suggests patients who use HGH injections for anti-aging can experience some of the following benefits:

  • Increased muscle tissue and tone
  • Decreased adipose fat (midsection)
  • Younger looking skin/improved elasticity
  • Cognitive function improves
  • Mood improves
  • Better heart function
  • Increased bone density
  • More youthful appearance overall
  • Increased energy and metabolism


And more! Studies show you can boost HGH levels naturally (albeit temporarily) or optimize your HGH injections by eating a healthy diet and getting plenty of sleep. Intermittent fasting is another way, although harder to regulate safely and effectively.

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