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Human Growth Hormone

By now you’ve probably heard about human growth hormone (HGH) and all its benefits, and could be wondering how to increase HGH production on your own. For the sake of this article, we will go over some of the basics about HGH, its benefits and uses, how to increase HGH production in the body, and also where you can get HGH injections for less money. First, let’s discuss the basics of HGH as far as what it is and what it does naturally within the human body.

Why We Need It 

Human growth hormone (HGH) is a hormone secreted in the pituitary gland in the center of our brain. Besides helping our bodies to develop and grow, HGH is also responsible for cell reproduction and cell regeneration, metabolism, tissue repair, muscle growth and cell repair, healthy heart function, regulating blood sugar and more. Low HGH production can result in weight gain (especially belly fat), low insulin levels, decreased athletic performance, lethargy and mood swings, loss of muscle and increased body fat levels, loss of vitality and more.

GHD – Growth Hormone Deficiency

Natural HGH production is strongest during youth and adolescence, our growing years, for critical growth and development. But after about age 30, HGH production declines significantly. This can even lead to a growth hormone deficiency, a common occurrence in middle aged adults caused by the pituitary gland not adequately providing growth hormone production. This has many of us looking for HGH supplementation, or ways to increase human growth hormone production levels naturally.

How To Boost Your HGH Levels Naturally

Sleep Patterns

One way we can boost human growth hormone levels is with our sleep patterns. We know that the majority of our HGH is secreted in pulses during deep sleep, especially about an hour to two hours after falling asleep. This is usually before midnight, but varies with our individual circadian rhythms. Take a melatonin supplement as well, and by combining this with getting good, regular sleep you can raise your HGH levels naturally.

High Intensity Exercise

Another of the ways to increase or boost HGH levels is high intensity exercise. High intensity exercise can also be defined as exercise that really gets your heart rate up. Examples include weight training, interval training, sprinting or running, etc. Interval training is a series of typically anaerobic exercises interspersed with lower intensity rest periods. Of course, any kind of exercise is good for you and will help to increase growth hormone levels as well as burn body fat. You can substitute meals with protein shakes when working out or at night to keep weight down, as well.

Lose Body Fat, Especially Abdominal

Another way to increase human growth hormone is to lose any abdominal fat or excess weight. One study found that those who were obese and had three times the amount of stomach fat than the control group also had less than half the amount of HGH as the rest of the group. The amount of HGH you have in your system directly relates to the amount of fat you carry, especially in men.
Another study found that obesity is also related to less production of IGF 1 or growth factor, a protein that works hand in hand with HGH. Watch your intake of sugar and refined carbs in particular. Your body composition, when decreased in fat and sugar intake is lowered, will boost HGH levels and keep your insulin levels low.

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting can help you increase your production of HGH. Fasting can also help keep your insulin levels low and has many other benefits. There are multiple different methods of intermittent fasting that you can try, including certain diet approaches, but the bottom line is that fasting is not sustainable in the long run. However, 3 days of fasting can improve your levels of HGH by 300% or more! Intermittent fasting such as 16 hours without food and 8 hours of eating time is one popular form, but there are many different types you can try to see what works for you.

GABA Supplements

Taking a GABA supplement is a great way to optimize your HGH production. GABA is a non-protein amino acid that functions as a neurotransmitter to your brain and has a calming effect on it. Amino acids vary in what they do but a GABA supplement can raise HGH levels significantly and additionally may help reduce anxiety and help you sleep.

Retain Vitality With HGH

It has been recognized for quite some time that HGH also has anti-aging ‘side effects’, if you will. Doctors in the United States have begun prescribing it in older patients with a deficiency of HGH to retain vitality in many different ways. It can give you more energy by increasing your metabolism, helps to keep muscles, and tissues healthy, gives faster healing times, increases bone density, has cardiovascular benefits and can improve cognitive function and moods. These are just a few anti-aging benefits of HGH.

HGH Injections

The bottom line is that increasing HGH levels naturally, although appealing, doesn’t last long. These are all just temporary ideas that will also improve your overall health. HGH therapy using HGH injections is really the best way to reap the benefits, over time. The good news is that you can buy HGH injections right here at HGH Meds, and at a huge discount! Because our pharmacy is located in Mexico, we can offer these products for much less, and with no prescription necessary.

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