How to Increase HGH Naturally

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What Is HGH?

Human growth hormone (HGH) is a naturally occurring hormone the human body produces in the pituitary gland, located in the center of the brain. This important hormone produced in the pituitary gland plays a vital role in growth, body composition, cell repair, metabolism, muscle growth, strength, and exercise performance and helps optimize injury recovery time. It’s no wonder people are looking for ways to stimulate the pituitary gland’s production and increase human growth hormone levels naturally.

Decreased Human Growth Hormones

Normally, human growth hormone levels peak during puberty and begin to slowly decline after around age 30. By age 40 and beyond, growth hormone levels decrease to a point that signals your body to begin the aging process. The problem is, having low HGH levels also decreases our quality of life in many ways.

Negative Effects

How to Increase HGH Naturally

A growth hormone deficiency affects thyroid hormones and the endocrine system, which affects insulin levels that control body fat distribution. This can cause unhealthy weight gain. Low HGH production can also affect your brain chemistry, your central nervous system, and your sexual function, and represents an increased risk of disease. This leads us to look for ways to boost human growth hormone production.

Increase Growth Hormone Levels

To increase growth hormone production and optimize growth hormone levels for a higher quality of life, there are a few ways to at least boost them, and achieve more healthy levels. Believe it or not, your diet and lifestyle choices have a lot to do with your growth hormone secretion. You’ll especially want to increase HGH production to optimal levels during weight loss or weight training, and when recovering from any injury, so you don’t experience a slow growth rate of cell regeneration.

Lose Weight and Lower Insulin

One significant way to increase natural HGH production is to decrease body fat, and lowering your sugar intake will also lower insulin levels. The amount of your body weight, especially the middle section of belly fat, is directly related to your HGH production. Intermittent fasting is another way to increase HGH levels as well as lower insulin levels. Research suggests that intermittent fasting increases HGH production by as much as 300% on the third day of fasting.

Intense Exercise and Diet

High-intensity interval training or HIIT is another great way to increase HGH production and lean body mass. Research suggests a high intensity of exercise is best when trying to boost your HGH levels. A balanced diet including foods rich in amino acids and protein can help boost HGH levels. Protein shakes are a good supplement as well. Avoid sugar and refined carbohydrates, especially right before bed.

About Supplements

As for supplements, HGH secretion is at its natural optimal levels about an hour after entering a deep sleep at night, so if you normally don’t get a good night’s sleep, try melatonin supplements. In addition, natural supplements of amino acids can increase HGH naturally. Unfortunately, there are no supplements containing HGH that your body can absorb, so the only way to directly increase your HGH is through HGH injections. Even the FDA has not approved any of these types of supplements, due to this fact.

Get Enough Sleep

Diet, exercise, and sleep are the building blocks to naturally improve HGH. Adequate sleep may be the most important thing, and not just the amount of sleep you get. The sleep quality matters just as much, because you have to be in a deep sleep before your levels of natural HGH secretion peak. So if you want to boost HGH levels, make sure you get enough deep, quality sleep.

Side Effects of HGH Injections

Some of the “side effects” using HGH injections are things like the anti-aging effects it seems to have on the body. These effects are significant enough that many people over the age of 40 are taking HGH injections. Some doctors in the U.S. are even prescribing it for their older patients with lower levels of HGH.


It has even been called the fountain of youth, improving metabolism and energy levels, sexual function, mental health, and more. Additionally, it helps lose belly fat and unhealthy fat while keeping lean muscle mass, helps strengthen bones, and recovery from injuries has a faster healing time. It has been credited with a more youthful overall appearance and reducing wrinkles.

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