How Much Does Norditropin Cost?

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When the hypothalamus (located at the base of the brain) releases growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH), it tells the pituitary gland (located below the hypothalamus) to release human growth hormone (HGH). This hormone plays an essential role in both growth and development.

The hypothalamus also releases somatostatin to inhibit the release of HGH, further regulating growth hormone in the body. This process happens in pulses throughout the day, but mostly at night. In general, HGH levels peak during puberty and start to decrease once you turn 30.

In some individuals – both children and adults – the body doesn’t produce enough human growth hormone, usually due to a problem with the hypothalamus or pituitary gland. This is known as human growth hormone deficiency and can be treated with recombinant human growth hormone.

What is Norditropin?

HGH replacement therapy generally involves taking a synthetic, FDA-approved injection of human growth hormone. While there are several different brands available today, Norditropin is one of the most popular – both due to its quality and cost. In fact, it’s our best-selling injection!

Norditropin is manufactured by Novo Nordisk and contains somatotropin (HGH) – a 191 amino acid chain designed to replace the HGH normally produced by the body. Novo Nordisk has been a reputable company for four decades and Norditropin has been an FDA-approved medication since 1995.

There are two primary types of pens available by Norditropin – FlexPro and NordiLet. Of the two, FlexPro is far more popular. It comes pre-mixed with a mg window for measuring, doesn’t require you to mix HGH with bacteriostatic waste, and comes with disposable needle caps.

What is the Cost of Norditropin?

Norditropin FlexPro prices generally depend on where you buy the injections – every distributor is different – and what dosage you’re interested in buying. For example, offers two different dosages of Norditropin pens – the 10mg (30IU) pen and the 15mg (45IU) pen.

The 10mg pen usually runs you $450 for one (30IU), $1,700+ for a 3-pack (90IU), and $3,400+ for a 6-pack (180IU). The 12mg pen runs you $700 for one (45IU), $1,875 for a 2-pack (90IU), and $3,750 for a 4-pack (180IU). If you’re lucky, you might find them at a discounted price!

What Are the Reasons to Take Norditropin?

Norditropin is FDA-approved to treat human growth hormone deficiency in both children and adults. This occurs when the body doesn’t produce enough HGH on its own, often resulting in unwanted side effects and symptoms – making it hard to live a happy, healthy, and normal life.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common symptoms of HGH deficiency:

  • Sudden weight gain, more specifically around the waist
  • Mood changes, depression, and anxiety
  • Reduced libido and sexual function
  • Excessive fatigue and tiredness
  • Reduced muscle mass, strength, stamina, and vitality
  • Reduced bone density and increased chance of developing osteoporosis
  • Hair loss and dry skin
  • Sensitivity to temperature (hot and cold)
  • Increased triglycerides and/or LDL cholesterol
  • Memory loss and reduced cognitive function

People also use Norditropin for off-label purposes – let’s take a closer look at some of those:

  • Improve exercise capacity (strength, stamina, endurance, vitality, etc.)
  • Improved mental ability (concentration, focus, motivation, mood, etc.)
  • Anti-aging benefits (skin, muscle tone, hair, bones, joints, vision, etc.)
  • Weight loss (especially around the waist) and improved metabolism

When taking human growth hormone for off-label purposes, it’s important to be responsible and avoid overusing or abusing the supplement. It’s possible to develop HGH withdrawal symptoms if not taken as directed, which can ultimately have adverse effects on your goals with HGH.

Where to Inject Norditropin

The most effective injection site for Norditropin (HGH) is into the fatty tissue underneath the skin – also known as a subcutaneous injection. The best way to do this is by pinching a small part of the skin (stomach, deltoid, thigh, etc.) and injecting the growth hormone into the roll of skin.

It’s also recommended that HGH injections be taken several hours after the last meal of the day, shortly before you go to bed at night. This allows the HGH injection to mimic the natural cycle of human growth hormone, which is strongly linked to the production and release of insulin.

How Long Does Norditropin Take to Work?

The DEA estimates that HGH has a circulating half-life of 20-30 minutes once inside the body and a biological half-life of 9-17 hours due to the indirect effects on the body. With that said, you shouldn’t expect to see results from Norditropin use for at least one week – if not several weeks.

Over the course of the next few months, your body will experience several changes – including, but not limited to improved athletic performance, vitality, strength, endurance, stamina, energy, mood, cognitive function, muscle mass, bone density, metabolism, skin tone, and much more.

It’s important to note that everyone will have a different experience with Norditropin. To ensure you’re maximizing results with HGH injections, consult with a hormone specialist today.

Is There a Difference Between Norditropin and Genotropin?

Although Norditropin is the most popular HGH injection in today’s market, it’s not the only one and there are numerous other high-quality, FDA-approved options to consider – one of which being Genotropin. While Norditropin is made by Novo Nordisk, Genotropin is made by Pfizer.

Aside from the manufacturer, the major differences between Norditropin and Genotropin are the dosages available, the cost of each injection, and how the pen is designed to work. Determining which HGH injection is right for you will largely come down to personal preference and budget.

Are You Looking for Pharmacy-Grade HGH?

There are two primary ways of getting pharmacy-grade HGH – doing so with a prescription and doing so without a prescription. Those that are taking Norditropin to medically treat a growth hormone deficiency should consult with their primary doctor to receive a prescription for HGH.

For those that are considering HGH use to improve athletic performance or for the anti-aging benefits it provides, there are ways of getting FDA-approved HGH injections at an affordable price – for example, is an online pharmacy legally operating out of Mexico.

If you’d like to check out all the different brands we have available, don’t hesitate to browse our online pharmacy – you can also reach out to us at (800)301-6486 or