How Long Does HGH Stay In Your System?

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About Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

There’s a lot of hype out there regarding the illicit use of what we call human growth hormone, or HGH, these days. If it’s just a hormone our body naturally produces, why is it being sought after illegally, and how long does HGH stay in your system? Scientists don’t know everything about it yet, or even all that the hormone naturally does within our bodies. We do know that natural growth hormone is produced by the pituitary gland, which is located inside the brain and is responsible for things like regulating body composition, bodily fluids, bone and muscle growth, and sugar and fat metabolism. It plays a role in healthy heart and brain function, as well as tissue growth and regeneration in every organ in the entire body.

Why It’s Prescribed

What we do know, other than that, is that it’s crucial for vital body systems to function and grow normally, from childhood through adolescence especially. Some children are born with things like genetic disorders, short stature of unknown cause, or have had damage done to their hypothalamus or pituitary gland. Adults who suffer muscle waste disease from the HIV/AIDS virus, have had brain tumors or radiation treatment, or have a significant HGH deficiency for some other reason, can be prescribed synthetic growth hormone or HGH. Technically, these are the only FDA-approved reasons doctors are supposed to prescribe it.

HGH For Athletes And People Over 40, ETC.

HGH is being prescribed, more recently, for additional reasons in people typically over 40. This is because we know that growth hormone in the body starts to decline significantly after the ripe old age of around 30. We don’t know for sure if this is by design, or influenced by other environmental factors. We know our bodies do still seem to need and utilize the hormone after 30, when administered to those with lower levels of naturally occurring HGH due to their age. There are many benefits that both athletes and people generally over 40 enjoy, who are taking these HGH injections as supplements, restoring or increasing their quality of life in a significant way.

HGH Testing

The issue, how long does HGH stay in your system, varies greatly from just 20-30 minutes to about 48 hours. HGH only secretes naturally through blood and urine in barely detectable, trace amounts. Currently, no simple blood or urine test exists, for synthetic HGH that is reliable enough to accurately determine anything. There is, however, a complex blood testing process designed for professional athletes who compete in the Olympics and now also the NFL, that involves two different scientific approaches; the isoforms approach and the markers approach. The isoforms test has been more widely used, and was first used in the Olympics in 2008. Since 2010, there have been approximately 15 cases of positive analytical results from these tests, and 2 athletes have been sanctioned for using it illegally to boost performance.

Adverse Effects Possible With HGH

Though there are many benefits for people who are growth hormone deficient and take HGH injections as a supplement, as with any medical treatment, there are some nasty adverse reactions or side effects to watch out for. Because we are still learning about everything it affects and does inside our bodies, there may be reactions which are not anticipated. Some alarming news so far, stems from the fact that since it’s a hormone that stimulates growth and metabolic processes on a cellular level, when it encounters anything like a (cancerous) tumor or a negative progressive disorder, it can work in a negative way to accelerate the growth or progression of it. Therefore, it is important to be under the care of your doctor to be sure you are in good health.

Benefits For The Middle Aged

Obviously there are some pretty amazing benefits that people are experiencing widely as well, among those taking injections of human growth hormone. HGH increases muscle mass while decreasing body fat, and regulates metabolism at the cellular level for a multitude of body systems and processes. This includes regenerating body tissues, replenishing bodily fluids and keeping vital organs healthy. People who are older and therefore more HGH deficient also experience joy in bringing back a quality of life they thought was lost forever. Some people report an increased libido and sex drive, better mental acuity and cognizance, and more energy due to a faster metabolism. Bones and muscles heal faster and stronger. It’s really no wonder so many people are calling it, “the fountain of youth”!

Benefits For Athletes

Synthetic human growth hormone is a popular used substance especially for athletes of all types. This is due to its myriad of benefits which aid in overall performance, increased strength and stamina, and better, longer endurance. In addition, increased metabolism and faster healing times are added to the list. The competition is fierce for athletes, and anything that gives them an edge or helps them increase their performance is a bonus. Of course, it cannot be used during competitions or professional games, and the use of HGH in athletes is still considered “off-label” or illicit, until further studies are done.

Additional HGH Facts

Growth hormone injections as a supplement are the only form of HGH that are truly effective in the body, and take on average about 3 to 6 months to start having the effects you’re looking for. The half-life is relatively short, so it doesn’t stay in your system very long if you stop taking it. The use of HGH and other performance enhancing drugs or supplements are prohibited in professional sports, both in and out of competition, and are regulated by the World Anti Doping Agency, or WADA. Taking the right amount of HGH according to your specific level of deficiency is of key importance, as you should not experience any negative side effects if your dose is correct.
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