How is Genotropin boosting your Growth

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To know about Genotropin in detail, firstly an individual needs to understand why is it used. Genotropin is a medication given to the people who are suffering from Human Growth Deficiency(HGD).

Human Growth Deficiency among children is seen when they lack proper growth as compared to other children of their age which is caused due to the shortage of growth hormones in them. Whereas in adults, it can either start during the adult life or can be from childhood only but detected later.

Genotropin Injection is, therefore, used by the patients to treat the dearth of growth hormones in their bodies. Other than growth, it is also given to children suffering from Turner Syndrome(TS), Idiopathic Short Stature(ISS), and Prader-Willi Syndrome(PWS). Genotropin is safe to use as it is approved by the Food and Drug Administration(FDA).

Understanding Genotropin and Growth Hormones

In a human body, the growth hormones are secreted by the pituitary gland in the brain. These hormones are responsible for building bones and muscles in the body along with influencing your height. In most cases, the deficiency is caused when the pituitary gland gets damaged.

When the gland stops producing the hormones, Genotropin is injected to cover up the lost growth and to further maintain it. Genotropin is a recombinant Human Growth Hormone that is these are prepared in the laboratory with genetic materials. It has the same structure as natural hormones so that it can function exactly like them.

The intake of this artificial growth hormone is done with an injection. One can carry out the treatment on its own as well. During the treatment, keep around 4 to 6 injection sites from your arms to your thighs and use the injection in these sites turn wise so that there isn’t more pressure at one site. The growth hormones are to be injected in the fat tissue. It is preferred to take the hormones in the body approximately an hour before sleeping.

Purchase and Usage of Genotropin Injection

Genotropin is available in disposable pens which consists of 2 cartridges in it. A patient can purchase them based on his/her requirements. In these cartridges, there are recombinant somatropin and different solutions based on the Genotropin type.

The HGH Dosage of Genotropin is to be taken carefully. You can go through the instruction written on the pack or watch the video showing how to take the medication. Alongside these, here are a few more things to keep in mind before taking Genotropin.

  • You should be of the right age and weight to take it.

  • Your health condition in general such as Blood Pressure, Sugar level, etc.

  • Avoid the intake of these hormones if you are allergic to any ingredient used in it.

The treatment for growth deficiency goes for a very long time, therefore, once you buy the medications you must also know how to store them. You cannot keep the Genotropin in hot temperatures. It should always be in the refrigerator at a decent temperature. Excessive heat or cold will damage the medicine.

During the Treatment

Since it isn’t a one-day course, it is pretty common for the patients to notice a handful of side effects on the body. Some of these side effects are as follows

  • Reaction on the injected area

  • Catching cold easily

  • Frequent pain in the muscles, knees, and hips

  • Swelling of hands and feet


Once you learn and start the growth treatment properly you will find your growth getting back in track with time. By going through the above-given information about Genotropin, it will be easier for you to self-administrate the treatment. To begin with, you can get your growth medication online on HGHMeds. This website is entirely devoted to providing human growth medication.