How HGH Affects Aging

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Everyone wishes they could remain young forever, but this isn’t scientifically possible. However, there are different ways you can prolong life and youth, such as through diet, exercise and supplements. One prescription drug that’s gaining traction in the exercise community in Mexico is HGH. You can buy different types including Saizen or Humatrope brands. There are number of people in Mexico and abroad who utilize HGH for other purposes, such as anti-aging.

How HGH Works

Growth hormones are naturally secreted into your bloodstream by your pituitary glands. It helps with building muscle mass and minimizing body fat. Men witness an increase in fat and a decrease in muscle mass as they age. Once they hit middle age, their growth hormone levels begin to decrease.  This makes it more difficult to fitness train. You’ll notice a lot of athletes, young and old, attempting to use HGH for this purpose. However, this drug is illegal for use in competitive sports.

The theory is that GH also affects aging. To date, GH hasn’t been approved by the FDA, but this hasn’t stopped research. There are numerous trials that point to growth hormones assisting with strength and muscle tone. There was an estimated 20,000 to 30,000 people in America utilizing growth hormones for anti-aging therapy back in 2004. Another survey showed 100,000 people undergoing HGH therapy without a valid prescription in 2002.

HGH for Anti-Aging

It’s believed that human growth hormones can be injected into the body when levels begin to decrease and that this will sustain youth. Lowered HGH levels is attributed to aging, since this is the time our fitness capabilities, bone mass and muscle mass decrease. It is a necessary component for child growth physically and mentally. It maintains tissues and organs throughout your lifespan.

Prescriptions aren’t typically given to patients who want HGH specifically for anti-aging. But this doesn’t stop people from buying Saizen online. If you have an age-related condition, you should consult with your physician to determine whether HGH therapy would be ideal for your case.

How HGH Benefits Adults

There are other reasons you can use HGH sold in Mexico, such as for growth hormone deficiency. This isn’t common, but is sometimes found in both children and adults. In this case, synthetic growth hormones are prescribed by doctors. It is also approved in cases where patients have been diagnosed with HIV or AIDS, which results to muscles wasting away.