Hormones that Can Regulate Mood & Weight (and Fight Cancer!)

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Did you know that all of the hormones in your body play a significant role in your mental and physical well-being? Most people fail to address their hormone imbalances when going through various health problems, like depression, mood swings, obesity or rapid aging. There is proof that the various hormones your body makes can aid in maintaining a healthy state. For instance, human growth hormones can be used to decrease fat, slow signs of aging and build muscle. These are the very reasons why people buy the Norditropin pen.

But there are other hormones the body produces that are just as important, such as melatonin. This hormone is produced during the night and is designed to help you fall asleep. It also helps with prevention of diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, migraines, controlling weight and boosting your immune system.

Melatonin production is oftentimes disrupted because of artificial lighting, which is found in all Americans’ homes.

Hormones Fight Aging and Inflammation and Improve Brain and Mood

Melatonin is also a powerful antioxidant, which means it searches around for free radicals to destroy. This is what makes it great with fighting inflammation and even cancer. Having sufficient amounts of this hormones is highly essential. When you lack in it, it can lead to your immune system becoming compromised and even shrink in size.

The brain is also thirsty for melatonin, since it aids in prevention of ailments that stem from an aging brain. One study was performed with aged mice that had brain degeneration. The results showed that melatonin helped to protect the brain and even exhibited anti-aging effects.

Adding daily exercise to the mix also helped to improve brain function and health. The mice showed behavior improvements and better learning and memory abilities. When you buy and use the Norditropin pen with your workouts, it helps to increase your results substantially. The great thing about this product is that it comes premixed, so there are no worries about HGH dosage.

Hormones Against Cancer

There are peer-reviewed studies out there that show the cancer fighting effects of melatonin, especially those that develop in the reproductive system. All the cells in your body, even cancerous ones, contain melatonin receptors.

So each night when this hormone is produced, cell division slows down. It also attaches to breast cancer cells and reduce estrogen’s ability to promote the growth of new cells. Melatonin has also shown to help with calming other reproductive hormones that can sometimes drive cancer, such as prostate, endometrial, ovarian and testicular cancers.

In a nutshell, melatonin causes a cancer cells to self-destruct, while at the same time boosting your immune system to fight against it.

Hormones Against Fat

Melatonin can do a lot of things, but can it also help with reduction of fat? We already know human growth hormones can. One study shows that melatonin can help stimulate heat-generating fat, which assists with calorie burning instead of calorie storage. So it’s perceived by researchers that melatonin can help with managing body weight.

This could also be why not poor sleep has been tied to obesity. When you aren’t resting, you’re likely not getting sufficient amounts of melatonin. When there’s a disturbance in your melatonin production, it can cause poor sleep and other negative impacts on your health. Not getting sufficient rest can lead to problems with your mood (irritability, depression) and brain function (memory, cognition)

Human growth hormones have also been studied and proven to aid in weight loss. You can buy the Norditropin pen from an HGH seller in Mexico, to be included in your weekly workouts.

Regulating Your Hormones

There are various ways you can ensure your hormones remain regulated, such as by eating healthier and working out. You can also buy HGH injections like the Norditropin, which is needed since your body stops producing it after you reach a certain age.

When it comes to your melatonin, you can try turning out the lights at night or making them dimmer, so that your body knows it’s almost time for sleep. If you work at night, you should buy curtains that block out the sunlight, so you can allow melatonin production to help you sleep during the daytime.

It’s very important to keep your hormones at healthy levels. Talk to your physician about having your hormones tested.