HGH Injections and Sleep – What’s the Connection?

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What is HGH?

Since we’re all at different stages of knowledge about the human growth hormone (HGH), for this purpose, we are going to start at the basics. The human growth hormone (HGH) is an essential hormone originating in the pituitary gland, deep inside the brain of the human body. In normal, healthy adults, the gland will release HGH into many different systems (that even with all the medical science and related fields at our disposal, we’re barely scratching the surface of!), at precise amounts and intervals, starting its climb to a peak in production at around puberty. HGH levels are highest while we’re young and during our ‘prime’ years.

HGH Levels

But then, HGH levels start to decline rapidly after we hit about 30. We believe these HGH levels and their fluctuation to be part of the natural process of aging, and in fact that the drop in human growth hormone actually signals the body to start the aging process. Human growth hormone is responsible for normal growth and development in children, at the cellular level and beyond, and plays a primary role in a myriad of other critical functions (such as metabolism, fat burning, and cell regeneration/healing), throughout our entire lives.

What is GHD?

If any signs of a growth hormone deficiency (GHD) are present, you’ll need to have a test done to confirm before starting any HGH replacement therapy. Sometimes the body just doesn’t produce enough human growth hormone, resulting in a growth hormone deficiency. The thing is, technically anyone over the age of about 30 has a growth hormone deficiency, as HGH therapy offers many life-changing benefits.

Fact: GH levels peak at 25 years old and begin to exponentially decrease starting at 40yrs. By 70 we make no GH.

HGH Therapy

Growth hormone replacement therapy, also called HGH therapy, involves lab-created HGH, typically called just “GH” or “growth hormone” (minus the “human”). Medical experts discovered that growth hormone replacement therapy is extremely beneficial to people suffering from a defiçiency of these critical hormones. You can measure your HGH by measuring the IGF-1 (insulin growth factor type 1) in your blood.

However, the only effective method of absorption of the synthetic HGH treatment drug is by HGH injections, currently only available in the United States with a doctor’s prescription.

HGH Injections

Despite the overwhelming results added from credible new studies and sources every day – facts and evidence that support new treatments being accepted for uses other than the incredibly limited standard – the FDA has not budged. However, the current policy is fairly broad, as currently written. It leaves the ultimate authority with the doctors themselves, as to discretion.

HGH Effects

The so-called “side effects” of HGH injections given as a growth hormone therapy replacement for mature adults have some pretty amazing effects. Some of its many benefits include an improved sleep pattern and more restful sleep, increased exercise capacity, the ability to build muscle (lean) mass, faster healing time, overall good health, enhanced physical and mental performance, a younger, more youthful appearance, and more!

HGH and Sleep Apnea, Etc.

Ok already, so what does any of this have to do with sleep? (I can hear you all getting restless and whispering out there…lol) Many children who suffer rare diseases and genetic mutations that stunt regular growth can sometimes be treated with growth hormone therapy. Apparently, those with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (or any type of sleep apnea, for that matter) are greatly improved when taking HGH injections. Additionally, people with a sleep disturbance causing poor subjective sleep quality, who normally only get poor sleep, are able to enjoy a more healthy life with better sleep.

Disturbed Sleep

Sleep disturbances to deep sleep, such as REM sleep, can lead to more serious health issues. When you can never get a good night’s sleep, it can become a terrible vicious cycle quickly. Not getting enough sleep can cause more serious side effects like depression, severe lack of energy, and weight gain. In America, we often don’t get enough sleep, causing our circadian rhythms to be disrupted and resulting in problems and unhappiness.

Restricted Use

Because of the restricted accepted uses for HGH replacement, dwarfism and other rare diseases and conditions (quite severe) in children are the most commonly prescribed, currently. However, some American doctors have begun prescribing older patients with more pronounced GHD the therapy for anti-aging-related benefits. The results have been astoundingly positive, offering these patients a new quality of living.

Good Health

The good news is that HGH injections can help with many symptoms, including disturbed sleep disorders and the ability to get better sleep. HGH can give you more energy and a healthy metabolism. You will also enjoy an increased exercise capacity. Keep in mind vigorous exercise can naturally boost your HGH production. HGH injections, for many mature adults who are deficient, have overwhelmingly positive results, improving the overall quality of life.

How to Take HGH

The other thing that correlates HGH with sleep, is in how you take it. You should always take your HGH injection about an hour before you go to bed. Since natural HGH is secreted most during deep sleep, this is the time your body will absorb it best. The body can maximize its effects through its natural cycle, in this way. You should also start an exercise routine that involves a good workout at least 2-3 times a week. Eating healthier also helps promote the positive effects of this therapy.

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