Foods That Naturally Produce HGH

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Foods That Naturally Produce HGH

What Is HGH?

If you’re looking into HGH for better overall health and well being, you may be wondering if there are certain foods that naturally produce HGH within the body. This is the topic for our discussion today, within this article. Human growth hormone (HGH) is responsible for the normal, healthy function of multiple different essential systems, and is located in the pituitary gland at the base of the brain. HGH production peaks in adolescence, during puberty. After around age 30-35, however, our natural HGH levels start to rapidly decline at an alarming rate, though HGH production never completely stops.

HGH: Loss And Function

The problem is, this decrease in HGH secretion affects our overall health and body in a negative way. Because of this loss in HGH production, we start to lose muscle mass and strength, bone density, motivation and/or energy, even cognitive function. Our other hormones such as testosterone levels drop, we experience weight gain and unsightly midsection body fat, and more!
This is because human growth hormone is responsible for cell repair and healthy production of new cells, assists with a healthy heart and brain function and regulates insulin levels to maintain healthy insulin function within the body.
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Scientists don’t actually know all the functions HGH has a role in, yet! DNA strands are just now being completely mapped, but it will be years before we really understand everything about this genetic material, if ever. Another thing we do know, is that HGH is responsible for regulating our metabolic functions, and for cell repair and regeneration within the body. It is an important hormone made up of 191 amino acids.

Growth Hormone Deficiencies (GHD)

Currently, there are no supplements for growth hormones that are FDA approved, in the United States. This is because there is only one way our body effectively metabolizes supplemental HGH, and that is by injection. A doctor can prescribe these HGH injections for a growth hormone deficiency (or GHD), but typically GHDs are associated with children who have growth and development-related disorders, or rare diseases that affect normal growth.
Technically, anyone over the age of 35 would be considered HGH deficient. However, it usually takes more than that as the criteria for diagnosis.
In recent years, some doctors in the U.S. have prescribed HGH injections to older patients for vitality, but it is still controversial. HGH injections remain the only truly effective form of boosting your growth hormone production. This is why HGH Meds offers an option for obtaining HGH injections without a prescription. Check out our home page for more details.

Foods That Boost HGH

Salmon & Red Meat Help Produce HGH


There are certain foods which have been found to naturally boost human growth hormone levels. Being health conscious is knowing which foods they are, so you can raise your HGH levels naturally. We know that the pituitary gland activates the majority of HGH secretion at night, starting about an hour after you go to sleep, and in bursts or pulses. Therefore, eating melatonin-rich foods like salmon, mustard seeds, raspberries and pomegranates to act as your melatonin supplements, is one way to raise your HGH naturally.

Insulin and Carbs

Other than getting plenty of melatonin and keeping regular sleep cycles, another important fact to consider is the link between the regulation of insulin in the body and growth hormone levels. Eating healthy foods and paying attention to your body weight is important. Avoid foods like white bread and white rice, especially if you have a low carbohydrate tolerance.
Stay Away from White Breads & Carbohydrates


Another group of foods that can boost your HGH levels is tryptophan-rich foods. This would include things like eggs, milk, beans, meat and grains. A study found that when this tryptophan-rich diet is combined with a walk in the daytime outdoor sunlight, this can significantly improve your HGH production. Eating a healthy, balanced diet of the right foods and getting enough sleep at night are both considerable but achievable challenges.


L-arginine is an amino acid that provides the body with the raw material needed to make the molecule nitric oxide. This important molecule is largely responsible for relaxing and opening the blood vessels necessary to achieve an erection in men. Those suffering from low testosterone and the resulting erectile dysfunction, often find this supplement helpful instead of taking other hormones.
Increasing your arginine intake with supplements can boost growth hormone production significantly by increasing your nighttime HGH secretion. Combining this amino acid supplement with your workouts is said to be effective, as well. A relatively large amount is necessary, however, to see results, at 5-25 grams per day.

Additional HGH Facts

Staying Active & Healthy
HGH is a polypeptide made up of 191 amino acids, making it one of the most comprehensive hormones containing valuable amino acids of its kind. It is responsible for regulating metabolism and metabolic functions, cell regeneration and repair, aids in insulin regulation, body composition, and fluids, muscle and bone growth and repair, sugar and fat metabolism, possible heart function, and so much more we haven’t learned yet!
This is why doctors say your HGH level is a good predictor of your overall health. Incidentally, you can boost HGH to treat symptoms of low testosterone (like E.D.), especially when combined with an L-arginine supplement. Weight loss is always a desired side effect, especially when it also helps to increase HGH production. Lastly, recognize how important sleep is when trying to increase HGH. Remember that the largest production of HGH occurs during your deepest sleep.

HGH Injections

If you are looking to boost your HGH levels by increasing growth hormone secretion in the pituitary gland, HGH injections are within your reach here at HGH Meds. The methods in this article to naturally increase HGH through food are incremental and temporary, as far as truly improving your growth hormone levels. HGH injections are the only form of growth hormone the body can metabolize. Here at HGH Meds, our pharmacy is located in Mexico, where we are 100% legitimate and legal to sell these injections.
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