Feel Free of Aging: HGH

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At some point everyone will feel although time has passed them by and the hands of father time are quickly ticking. This is when we begin to lose our passion for life due to lack of interest, loss of energy and focus, weight gain, wrinkles and other various signs of aging. Most people believe that is just how we age, however the understanding of (commonly known as the new aged Fountain of Youth) Human Growth Hormone has brought many individuals to HGH therapy. Solving some of the most common symptoms of aging and freeing individuals from the things that may be holding them back from a quality of life, HGH is a new aged medicine helping many.

What is Human Growth Hormone?

Human growth hormone or HGH is made by the pituitary gland in the brain and then converted by the liver. It is then turned into a protein called somatomedin-c or insulin like growth factor-one IGF-. IGF-1 is what is responsible for the different functions associated with growth in the body. Human growth hormone is credited to ongoing cell regeneration, tissue repair, muscle and bone strength, enzyme production, brain function,  elasticity production, better hair integrity and much more.

Anti-Aging Therapy

The signs of aging are significantly connected with growth hormone deficiency: The body;s compositions shifts from high energy levels and lean muscle mass to decreased energy levels and clarity, increased amounts of body weight/fat, increase in chances of cardiovascular disease and more.

This decrease in Human Growth Hormone can also include:

  • irregular sleeping patterns
  • impaired mental and physical performance
  • social interaction decreased
  • lowered labido

While a lack of HGH in the body can cause many side effects HGH therapy can have significant results in improvement of energy, better sense of well-being, accompanied by decreased body fat/weight, muscle pain and signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles.

In a study published by the New England Journal of Medicine in 1990 showed that a group of older men who were given HGH therapy saw an improvement with bone density, muscle mass and decreased body fat. Many people in different studies taking HGH feel generally all around better, as seen in quality of life scores.

Safety With Human Growth Hormone

For your safety it is very crucial that you consult with an expert in bioidentical hormones to understand more about this hormone and whether it is right for you. Unregulated supplementing might create negative side effects like increased joint pain, swelling, insulin resistance, carpal tunnel syndrome and more.  It is important to also understand despite the controversialness of the topic hormones are not a drug. They are a natural occurring substance that are crucial to your health. As one begins to age, hormone production decreases progressively, which can accelerate and lead to the aging process and illnesses associated with aging.


Hormone replacement therapy can help one restore one’s body to it’s youthful capabilities and  levels of hormones. It slowly brings back hormone levels that your body was used to in its younger years leaving one to feel more youthful, full of energy and some might even say free from aging!