Don’t Let Your Age Effect Your Workout: HGH

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The question on everyone’s mind: Can HGH (human growth hormones) truly benefit aging? As we get older our bodies may seem to age but our drive to workout and try to live our best life still remains, and so does our search for a cure for “aging” problems. Although the Spanish explorer, Juan Ponce de Len, came to Florida in 1513 in search for the fountain of youth, the only thing helping him on his journey was the natural HGH released during his exercise during the search.

What exactly is Human Growth Hormone?

In the pituitary gland is where Human growth hormoneĀ is naturally produced. It plays a crucial role in cell growth, regeneration and helping regulate and maintain healthy tissue in humans: various vital organs and of the brain. After the human growth hormone is secreted it only remains in the bloodstream for a few minutes, giving it just enough time for the liver to turn it into GF (growth factors). The most important being insulin-like growht factor (IGF-1), which helps promote growth properties on every cell.

How is your HGH affected when you age?

GH (growth hormone) is known as a growth fuel during adolescents and childhood. After the age of 20, the pituitary gland begins to slowly reduce the amount of natural production in the body. With this “natural” decrease of HGH a large amount of problems begin to emerge: lower libido, decrease in energy and stamina, weak muscles/bone density and can be known to negatively effect one’s all over gym experience.

Due to this natural occurrence it has triggered many to find a solution. This solution has many interested in using synthetic human growth hormone (HGH) as a way to stave off some of the changes linked to aging and increase productivity in workouts or gym time.

How can HGH help aging problems and your workout experience?

Due to the large search for an answer to aging, Human growth hormoneĀ can now be found synthetically. It can be injected in larger doses to help with an increase in muscle size and decrease in weight. While a small dose can be used more for general health, recovery and help the anti-aging process.

These supplements and injections are known to help increase your workouts potential in various ways, however the potential of added HGH, as one ages, is limitless and will have many wondering why they haven’t looked into human growth hormone supplements or injections as an answer to all there “aging” issues.

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