Do You Have the “I Hate Exercising” Gene?

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At first glance, you probably thought the idea of having an “I hate exercising” gene to be ridiculous. However, there is some substance to this claim, which has been backed by science. You likely know people who really hate working out, and have a difficult time starting and completing their routines, preventing them from ever reaching their fitness goals. It’s possible that they’re just lazy, busy or have the “gene.” One thing’s for sure, using supplements like HGH injections can enhance your workouts making them more worthwhile. You can buy HGH from a reputable seller in Mexico.

There are way too many benefits to working out to ignore it altogether. Even just 15 minutes daily can add three years to your lifetime. It is known to help with all types of illnesses, including high blood pressure, obesity and out of whack blood sugar levels. Some have even used it to combat depression.

We find this list continues to increase as more research is performed on the benefits of working out. Although most of us know the vast amount of benefits exercise brings to the table, many of us still walk away from it. Studies have found genetic programming to be the blame for some people not enjoying exercising.

The good news is that you can engage in high-intensity interval training, which only takes 20 minutes per day to complete and maximizes results. You can also buy HGH from brands like Norditropin to help enhance your results even more so.

Some People Actually Enjoy Exercising

There are folks who don’t mind getting sweaty and tired, while others loathe it. Sometimes, the end result alone isn’t enough to motivate people to work out. It’s also likely why 80 percent of Americans don’t get sufficient exercise weekly (according to the CDC).

One survey shows that out of 450,000 adults, less than 21 percent get the recommended 2.5 hours of moderate intensity exercise or 1.25 hours of intense exercise weekly. In a recent study done by Rodney Dishman, a professor of kinesiology from the University of Georgia, it was found that your genes could play a role in your motivation, pleasure and reward from working out. These genes are what modulate dopamine inside your brain.

Data shows that many people who exercise witness an increase in dopamine secretion, which stimulates their pleasure and reward centers in their brains. But not all people experience this same thing. According to Dishman’s study, variations in genes for dopamine receptors, along with a number of other neurual signaling genes, is likely why 25 percent of participants don’t complete their work outs or don’t meet the weekly exercise recommendations.

It’s important to take supplements when you exercise to help increase your fat loss and muscle building. This could help to enhance motivation and ease of working out. If you plan to buy HGH online, make sure to buy from a reliable seller in Mexico.