Diet & Exercise Mistakes that Increase Aging

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America is a country that really enjoys its sweets. It’s the downfall of many individuals who are looking to slim down their waists and live a long, healthy life. If retaining your youthfulness is a concern for you, then diet and exercise need to be at the forefront of your mind. Working out becomes more difficult over time, which is why a lot of people opt to buy HGH online. Human growth hormones are essential for building up muscle tone and reducing body fat. You can buy HGH from Genotropin or other brands like Norditropin.

One mistake people make when working out is focusing too much on cardio exercises. If this accounts for majority of your weekly workouts, then you’re missing out on the potential anti-aging benefits that can be harnessed from yoga, weight training, and most importantly, rest.

Here is a quick overview of the common mistakes people make with their diet and exercise that increase aging. Are you guilty of any of them?

Your Overindulge in Dessert

Again, Americans take a guilty pleasure in eating one too many sugary treats. We eat them after every meal and sometimes even before and in between meals. The issue with this is that sugars have a substance known as glycation, which causes damage to your collagen. Collagen is responsible for the smoothness and firmness of your skin. Instead, you should stick to low-glycemic carbs, such as whole grains. Natural sugars like stevia can also be used in place of table sugar.

You Don’t Manage Stress Well

Hitting the trail on foot or your bike only reduces stress temporarily. If you want to have longer-term effects of stress reduction, you should partake in activities like yoga. Moves like downward-facing dog, child’s pose and sun salutations all enhance circulation and give your body a boost of oxygen, which can give your skin a lovely glow.

You Walk Past the Weights

Cardio is great for burning fat, but weight lifting it essential for toning your muscles. No one wants saggy, flappy skin around their neck, arms and legs. Strength training should be performed religiously if you want to maintain a youthful appearance and mobility. You can buy Genotropin to help improve your weight training results.

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