Boost Your HGH Naturally

HGH also known as human growth hormone plays a huge role in body composition, growth, metabolism and cell repair. It has been called the “fountain of youth” by many due to its ability to boost strength, muscle growth and overall endurance. Human growth hormone also helps one recovering from disease or injury.

Most of us will produce HGH naturally throughout our life however as we age HGH levels with drastically decrease which may negatively impact your overall quality of life, make you gain weight and increase your risk of diseases. Having HGH is crucial and so are optimal levels during injury recovery, athletic training and during the attempt of weight loss.  Fascinatingly enough your lifestyle choices and diet can have a dramatic effect on your naturally produced HGH levels.

Here are a few ways to increase your natural production of HGH (human growth hormone)


1. Lose the weight

Most people have no idea that your body fat is directly linked to your natural production of Human Growth Hormone.  It is most likely that those with more belly fat or even higher body fat levels are more susceptible to having impaired human growth hormone production and are at a higher risk of disease.

In one study two groups were observed: one with 3x the amount of belly fat as the other controlled group. It showed that the group with the bigger belly fat content had less than half of naturally produced HGH in their body as the controlled group.  Even though lowering body fat is major for both genders, research and in their studies they suggest that bodies with excess body weight affect HGH levels more in males. So first way you can help optimize natural HGH production in the body is through losing unnecessary belly fat and fat in general.


2. Fast Intermittently

So this doesn’t mean you should just stop eating.. This is just a reminder sometimes it is necessary to do a cleansing of some sort that may be considered different types of fasting. This fasting leads to major increases in HGH levels in the body proven in several studies.

One study even found that only after three days into fasting, HGH levels had increased over 200%. Other studies have found similar results with hgh levels doubling and even tripling only after a few days of fasting.

This helps raise HGH levels naturally through two ways. First it helps drop unnecessary body fat and weight which is directly linked to optimizing. Second it keeps insulin levels low, keeping your body from harmful random spikes that are known to affect HGH levels.

Although there are remarkable results due to fasting it is very crucial that one understands that continuous fasting is not healthy nor sustainable long term. Make sure to look into healthy and safe methods of intermittent fasting available online and in books. Check with a professional before selecting a method.

3. Try Arginine

Some may be wondering what is arginine?  Well Arginine (L Arginine) in the body is an amino acid that turns into NO(nitric oxide). It is used in the biosynthesis of proteins. Nitric Oxide is an intense powerful neurotransmitter that helps blood vessels relax and blood circulation.

Most people are used to hearing this term along side of intense exercise, where some use supplements with their workout. Unfortunately it has shown little to no increase in HGH levels, however when arginine supplements or intake is on its own without intense exercise- significant increase in HGH levels appear.

All in all arginine is great to help increase levels of HGH in the body so try supplements or go even more natural with a simple food intake. L-arginine is found typically in poultry, red meat, dairy products and fish.


So if you have been wondering how you can boost your HGH level naturally here are three simple but important ways to do that. Have anymore questions? Contact HGH meds today!