Best HGH Brands

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Best HGH Brands

Human growth hormone, also known as HGH, is a hormone produced and released by the pituitary gland with the help of the hypothalamus in the brain. The hypothalamus assesses when the body needs HGH and how much it needs – sending that information to the pituitary gland, where HGH is synthesized.

In a perfect world, the body produces the right amount of HGH necessary for normal body function. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world and some people have irregular or low human growth hormone levels. Not only that, but natural HGH production is known to decrease as we age – usually by the time we turn 40.

The good news is we can counter this natural decrease in HGH production with human growth hormone injections and HGH supplements. These injections allow us to replace natural HGH (made by the body) with synthetic HGH (man-made in a lab) – that way, we can experience all the benefits that come with normal HGH levels.

What Are the Best HGH Brands Available Today?

HGH injections are readily available for those interested in enjoying the benefits, but one thing consumers should know is that there are a wide range of different HGH brands and they’re not all created equal. Some are better than others and if you want the best experience, you need to know what you’re buying.

The best HGH injections brands are ones that mimic the chemical makeup of HGH produced by the body – which means it must consist of 191 amino acids. You should also be looking for brands that are approved by the FDA and are easy to use – especially when selecting a dosage that’s right for your body.

While there are a lot of HGH brands that claim to offer quality injections, there are a select few that follow through on that promise – those being Omnitrope, Genotropin, Norditropin, Humatrope, and Xerendip. Don’t worry, we’re going to break down each one below, including the cost and where you can buy them!

Omnitrope by Sandoz Pharmaceuticals

Omnitrope is a synthetic and recombinant human growth hormone that’s manufactured by Sandoz Pharmaceuticals and FDA-approved. It’s available in a liquid-formulation pen or a lyophilized powder. The easiest way to use Omnitrope is with the SurePal Pen, one of our favorite HGH injection pens on the market.

  • Omnitrope 10mg / 30 IU – a 10mg Omnitrope cartridge that contains 30 IU costs $575 at
  • Omnitrope 10mg / 90 IU – three 10mg (30 IU) Omnitrope cartridges that contain 90 IU total costs $1,737, but is on sale for $1,300 at
  • Omnitrope 10mg / 180 IU – six 10mg (30 IU) Omnitrope cartridges that contain 180 IU total costs $3,474, but is on sale for $2,349 at

Genotropin by Pfizer

Genotropin is a synthetic and recombinant form of HGH that’s manufactured by Pfizer – a company most of us know by now – and has been FDA-approved since the early-2000s. The easiest way to use Genotropin is with the GoQuick Pen, which allows for safe and quick administration of HGH.

  • 5.3mg Pen – one 5.3mg pen (16 IU) costs $300, while a four-pack of 5.3mg pens (64 IU) costs $1,300.
  • 12mg Pen – one 12mg pen (36 IU) costs $600, a three-pack (108 IU) costs $1,800 (on sale for $1,450), and a five-pack (180 IU) costs $3,000 (on sale for $2,500).

Norditropin by Novo Nordisk

Norditropin is a synthetic and recombinant form of HGH that’s manufactured by Novo Nordisk and has been FDA-approved since 1995. It’s one of the most popular HGH brands and is made easy to use with the FlexPro Pen – easily our favorite HGH injection pen available today. Here’s what it’ll cost you:

  • 5mg Pen – a six-pack (90 IU) of 5mg pens normally costs $1,794, but it’s on special for just $650.
  • 10mg Pen – one 10mg (30 IU) pen costs $450, a three-pack (90 IU) costs $1,737 (on special for $1,250), and a six-pack (180 IU) costs $3,474 (on special for $2,250).
  • 15mg Pen – one 15mg (45 IU) pen costs $700, a two-pack (90 IU) costs $1,875 (on special for $1,250), and a four-pack (180 IU) costs $3,750 (on special for $2,250).

What Are the Benefits of HGH Injections?

The primary reason people take the best injectable HGH is to replace the natural HGH the body loses over time – either as a result of a medical condition (growth hormone deficiency) or a result of the natural aging process. Since HGH plays a major role in growth, development, and metabolism, any loss of HGH can be detrimental.

Here are some of the major benefits of taking human growth hormone supplements:

  • Improve athletic performance, stamina, and strength
  • Increasing muscle mass and lean muscle mass (muscle growth) and/or bone density
  • Decreasing body fat and body weight (especially in the waist area)
  • Look younger and feel better about yourself and your body

These benefits are highly dependent on the type of HGH (brand) used, the dosage you’re taking, and the method of use. Using an untrusted brand, taking too much, or using it improperly can be very dangerous and may result in adverse effects – hindering your HGH experience and taking away from the benefits.

Where to Buy Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Injections

Are you searching for the best HGH brands? Do you feel like your life is being compromised by a lack of natural HGH production? Are you interested in seeing for yourself what HGH therapy can do for your quality of life? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the questions above, then you’ve come to the right place.

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