Being Happy and 60 Years Old With HGH

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Today one of the most watched daytime talks shows is the Anderson Cooper show done by Anderson Cooper, the youngest son of socialite Gloria Vanderbilt. This journalists really changes the daytime talk show scene due to his focus on current events and news stories that capture the audience’s attention. He also promotes covering topics that stir up debate like Human Growth Hormones and the people that are actually taking those supplements or injections.

There are several people that have been on his show talking about the amazing benefits of Human Growth Hormone supplements and injections one of the most influential was 60 year old Carolyn.

Carolyn talks about how at the age of 48 years old she decided she needed to go to the doctors because she was feeling tired, going through premenopause not clear headed, loss of lobido and motivation esecntially feeling “older” and wanted to talk to her doctor first. She didn’t feel right being on provera or HRT .. she was always against unnatural hormones and then she found HGH.

After getting tested her doctor found that she was naturally producing very little amounts of human growth hormone and then enlightened Carolyn on what it was exactly. After learning more about it she decided this could be the missing key and liked the fact that it was the most natural hormone because it is already created in the body.  Dr. Rice even talks about how HGH isn’t given for better skin it is given for vitality.


She is now 60 years old looking like she has taken back the hands of time while also proudly announcing she has never had any plastic surgery so it was all thanks to her HGH supplements.

Another great guest Anderson Cooper has had on his show to talk about HGH is Suzanne Somers. She talks about the fact that their are people out their using HGH that don’t really need it or she says “over do it.” What she stresses is that HGH is very crucial to everyone’s everyday life especially as we get past our 20s. It is important to know if you are deficient or that you get tested called an IGF-1 which means Insulin Growth Factor 1. You can get this done by your doctor. Suzanne states how after she used it everything in her life seemed to fall in line, she no longer has problems with weight, became more clear headed while helping the blood flow circulation, better sleeping patterns and so much more.  Suzanne is 71 years old while looking and feeling better than she ever has all thanks to HGH supplements.

HGHmeds brought this information to those who may be skeptical towards HGH therapy especially as one ages but fear no more. With several influential testimonies and knowledgeable doctors today is the day you begin to live again. Want to learn more about getting yourself IGF-1 tested and different supplements and injections go to