Battle of the Sexes: Who Sweats More, Men or Women?

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Sweating is a natural method your body uses to cool off and detoxify. People are born with between two million and four million sweat glands, which in turn determines how much you end up sweating. Generally, women have more sweat glands than men. However, men’s glands are more active, which produces more sweat. It would be interesting to see if human growth hormone levels play a role in sweating. Those who buy HGH online use it when working out to increase their muscle and fat burning.

Research shows, though, that men don’t necessarily sweat more than women, like most are lead to believe. In reality, it’s not about your gender, but your size and shape. According to researchers at the University of Wollongong in Australia and Mie College of Nursing in Japan, gender only played a role in 5 percent of the cases involving sweating.

How Your Body Size and Shape Dictates Sweating

There are two ways your body cools down, by either increasing circulation at the surface of your skin or sweating. Your body chooses either or on its own, without our help. According to a study done with 36 women and 24 men, it was found that larger men and women tended to sweat more. During the study, the participants went through two trials – one consisting of moderate exercise and light exercise for the other.

The conditions of the workouts was 82 degrees F and 36 percent humidity. In this environment, the body is able to successfully regulate its temperature using the two aforementioned methods.

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Contrasting Research

There are also other studies that have been performed over the years that indicate gender does play a role in how much you sweat. In one study, it states that women have a lower max sweat rate while exercising compared to men.

Then there’s another study that shows differences in sweating by gender and fitness level. It was found that fit men sweat the more than fit women, while the unfit women sweat the least.

It seems the research will continue until a definitive answer to this age old question is found. Meanwhile, you can start putting your own sweat glands to the test. You can buy HGH online and get started on your weight lifting and cardio exercises today.