Another Reasons You Should Stop Eating Fast Food!

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We all know why fast food isn’t good to eat, all or even some of the time. But many people still wait in line for their burger, fries and soda. It’s a bad habit that’s hard to kick, especially when most Americans lead busy lives. The issue with this lifestyle is that it can cause all sorts of health concerns, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. Anyone who’s interested in getting into shape should refrain from eating these fatty foods and replace it with a more balanced diet. You can also buy Norditropin or Humatrope, which is a synthetic form of HGH that can be purchased from a seller in Mexico.

The Hidden Danger in Fast Food

Sugar, unhealthy oils and high salt content are the top reasons why fast food is unhealthy. But did you know that many of these foods also contain what’s known as endocrine-disrupting chemicals? Studies have revealed that those who eat fast food hamburgers and pizza have higher levels of phthalates in their urine.

The study was done between 2003 and 2010, consisting of 8,900 Americans of all ages. The participants were asked a series of questions, asking about their health and nutrition, including what they had had eaten the last 24 hours before they gave their urine sample. Phthalates is a chemical that’s used to make plastic flexible.

Fast food is classified as foods that derive from restaurants that don’t have table service and/or those that have drive-thrus and takeout services, such as McDonald’s, Pizza Hut and Starbucks and sandwich shops.

Those who are looking to lose weight and increase muscle mass must definitely eliminate fast food and buy products like the Norditropin pen to increase results.

Rise in Phthalate Levels

There are two different types of this chemical that are widely found in the urine of fast food eaters – DHP and DiNP. Both are chemicals used on plastic products. Both are known to increase insulin resistance in adolescents.

In a study, 1/3 of participants said they had eaten fast food in the past 24 hours. The ones who got at least 35 percent of their calories from fast food had 24 percent higher levels of DEHP and 39 percent more DiNP in their urine samples.

The individuals that had eaten some fast food, but less than 35 percent of their calories, had 16 percent higher DEHP and 25 percent higher DiNP levels than those who didn’t.

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