A Quick Look At HGH

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With high speculations on the numerous benefits of human growth hormone, it has become significantly more popular over the last decades. Although there may concerns out there towards human growth hormone, HGH, there are plenty of proven facts that have more and more people going to human growth hormone than ever before. There are always interesting facts about human growth hormone that will help anyone understand what exactly human growth hormone is and how it works.

What is HGH?

Human growth hormone, HGH, is what is produced by the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland is an organ of the brain that may be pea-sized but has an even bigger purpose. The hormone that it produces controls some of the most vital functions in the body. Human growth hormone is what controls cell production and growth. One of the vital functions it plays an important role in is for human growth, cell regeneration, and cell producing. The level of the body’s development is directly connected to the level of human growth hormone it has.  

Human growth hormone has been used in medicine as a treatment for many different conditions. The synthetic version of the hormone can be injected into an individual and got it’s FDA approval in 1985.

Human Growth Hormone Production For Men and Women

Easily it is assumed that men make more HGH than women, however, the truth is that in the female body there is typically much higher levels of human growth hormone.  The female hormone estrogen and human growth hormone have been linked together by researchers. During menopause estrogen levels begin to decrease in many women having muscle loss. That is why it is mostly ladies that experience a range of benefits connected to higher HGH production. So women thank HGH for your strong nails, beautiful skin and shiny hair.

Growth Hormone Deficiency

Serious disorders are created with a growth hormone deficiency. When the pituitary gland does not make enough human growth hormone one is expected to face growth hormone deficiency that can lead to growth failure, lower height, slower development of the body, brittle bones, lose muscle mass, sometimes increased body weight and slower cognitive function as well. Growth hormone deficiency has been treated by synthetic human growth hormone.

Who uses HGH?

Healthy adults are using HGH to help with many ‘inevitable’ issues that come with age like wrinkly skin, weight gain, endurance, and loss of energy. Human growth hormone plays the role of protecting organs and tissues from damage and the issues that come with aging. HGH is commonly used to boost bone density, increase energy levels, increase lean muscle mass, and keeping and maintaining youthful and healthy skin. Human growth hormone supplements or injections can also help improve the immune response, minimize body fat and increase productions in workout sessions.


HGH is what keeps our bodies going and working at optimal function. Human growth hormone helps one decrease body fat and balance weight, increase muscle mass, tighten skin, increase endurance, and so much more. Now with scientific research that proves time and time again that the use of human growth hormone is working there are virtually no doubts and only more questions on how one can obtain the modern day fountain of youth.