6 Easy Ways To Have Better Skin for 2018

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Before one realizes the years creep up on you and with that usually comes aging skin.  The truth is aging skin is inevitable however there are many different ways to combat aging skin problems, take care of wrinkles and loose skin altogether.

Two components of your skin are elastin and collagen.  They are both responsible for the visual appearance of skin, as well as the skin’s elasticity and texture. With age comes the depletion of our HGH, human growth hormone, production.  

Human Growth Hormone, HGH, is a chemical substance that creates growth, cell regeneration and reproduction in humans.  It’s a naturally occurring chemical that is produced in the pituitary gland and is responsible for the youthfulness in us all including better energy, more muscle mass and bone density, clearer mind and better skin. Without HGH our skin becomes thinner. After having thinner skin for a long period of time it causes wrinkles to appear. Below are 6 ways that one can help reduce wrinkles and fight aging skin. 

  1. One rule of thumb many have heard of is if you can avoid direct sun on days where UV light is intense the better! The number one way people develop skin issues including wrinkled is because of over exposure of direct sunlight, so if you can try to avoid too much direct sunlight you may save yourself from older looking skin.
  2. Drink more water! It is important for every human to stay hydrated. Dehydration happens when the body has insufficient water to work properly.  Dehydrated skin always tends to lose elasticity and create more wrinkles.  Staying properly hydrated consistently will keep your skin’s elasticity and give you a youthful glow. Simply start with 8 cups of water a day.
  3. There are more reasons to stop smoking cigarettes then what we initially thought. If you are trying to avoid aging skin then you may want to stop smoking cigarettes and other things that contain smoke. Smoke directly dehydrates your skin aging it faster than a lot of other factors.
  4. Try to make a high quality skin  moisturizer that is made specifically for anti aging purposes.  Frankincense, rosemary, and mostly astringent plants in generally are helpful for this purpose.. Most individuals call these anti aging creams, but they are actually  just moisturizers that are extremely helpful for wrinkles. You can even look online for homemade recipes.
  5. Sleep is not just for the tired. Not only for the regeneration of cells and peace of mind getting a good amount of sleep is beneficial for fighting against aging. Lack of sleep and stress can actually cause many signs of aging including wrinkles. Naturally the more stressed and tired you are the older you feel and look. How much sleep is needed varies from situation and individual.
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For the New Year bring in some more knowledge and find the solutions to your wrinkles and aging problems. Here are 6 different  ways that HGHmeds has put together for you to implement in 2018 to solve your skin  problems for good.