5 Things Every Woman Should Know: HGH

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For every woman out there, there are endless situations in life that are constantly thrown at them. Woman have been a foundation to life from having the strength to give birth, raise children, be constant teachers, go to work,  deal with the ever changing ideals of beauty, cook food and so much more. Unfortunately it doesn’t stop there, as woman increase in age their levels of natural HGH production begins to decrease creating more problems and common signs of aging. Now woman all over the world are turning to HGH therapy in its various forms to put a spark back into their life and overcome the added problems of aging.

If you are a woman over the age of 25 it may be time that you find out the 5 things every woman should know about HGH:

1.What is HGH?

HGH (Human Growth Hormone) is secreted by the pituitary gland and made from amino acids. The pituitary gland is, the center for a majority of hormone production, at the base of the brain. Every 3 to 5 hours HGH is released in short bursts. The highest levels are released about an hour after resting. The peak secretion of HGH is during adolescence; aiding in bone density, muscle mass, youthful skin, adequate levels of energy and so much more.  It is also active in the bloodstream for only a few minutes until the liver converts it into growth factors promoting growth like properties on every cell of the body.

2. HGH Helps Your Skin

It is now obvious that Human Growth Hormone is a true key player in the aging and health of our skin. As more research shows the incredible effects of HGH to aiding us in both feeling and looking more youthful. HGH plays a key place in putting elasticity in skin helping reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Now people have stopped asking whether or not they should be increasing the HGH levels but have now started asking which HGH therapy or boosting option is best for them.

3. HGH Enhances Strength

There are several scientific data helping the support that HGH can improve athletic abilities as well as other signs of aging. In 2003 investigation published in the  Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism studied HGH levels and intake in older women with HGH deficiency. They found that Human Growth Hormone increased strength in legs and hands in most patients tested. It also increased lean body mass, endurance levels and agility. Woman all over have been happy with increase HGH levels and better workouts, basic body functions and strength.

4. Get Better Sleep With HGH

Most of the secretion of Human Growth Hormone happens during an hour after going to sleep. Some one with sleep deprivation or later work shifts can negatively be effected throughout the day. Pituitary and Hypothalamus function is altered when there is a lack of sleep. By increasing HGH levels during the day it can then help a more controlled sleeping pattern at night, helping one sleep more effectively and thoroughly.  Better sleep means more HGH secretion leading to other phenomenal benefits of HGH.

5. HGH Decreases Cholesterol

Arterial plaque development increases as aging natural decreases the growth hormone levels.  Since the factors more often then not co-vary suggests that HGH intake could help prevent in older adults cardiovascular disease.  HGH injections reduce both bad cholesterol and all cholesterol levels. Know that you are staying far away from diseases associated with the heart and reducing the stresses of life at the same time.

Clearly there is a lot for woman to help feel younger and more youthful, however, HGH may be the perfect solution for the empowering life woman and everyone strives for. Check today if you are HGH deficient and how to get your HGH supplements and HGH injections.