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Humatrope 5mg is no longer being sold by Eli Lilly in Mexico. The only Humatrope currently available in Mexico is the Humatrope Kit Cartridges.

What separates one HGH product from another? It’s the quality of the growth hormones utilized. There are various black market products out there that are made with impure ingredients. Inject this into your body and it could lead to adverse effects.

This is why it’s so important to buy HGH from reputable sellers and brands, such as Humatrope.

Why Buy Humatrope?

Humatrope, like a select few other brands on the market, is designed with 191 amino acids. These are essential for developing proteins in the body. The amino acids are linked together in a very specific order and formed in a specific shape.

When this design is altered, it either won’t work as it should or will cause harm to the body. Humatrope is a high-grade HGH product that is used by athletes, bodybuilders and patients. Even those looking for anti-aging treatments turn to Humatrope for assistance.

Also, Humatrope is produced by Eli Lilly and Company, a trusted American entity.


How to Mix HGH Injections?

Once you receive your package, you’ll need to mix the solution into the pen or syringe. Plain sterile water is required to dilute the product. Another option is to use bacteriostatic water, normal saline or water with 0.9% benzyle alcohol.

You can purchase these from your local pharmacy. Or you can obtain them from your physician.

Ideally, you would mix 1ml of sterile water with 10 to 12 IU of HGH. You can use an insulin syringe to  transport the mixture into the GH powder vial. Never inject the water into the powder using force. Allow it to gently drip down the vial’s walls. Avoid shaking the vial.

Shaking and forcing the mixture can damage the molecules in the HGH formula. There may be a few lumps present in the mixture. Just wait a few minutes to allow it to mix. Set the vial inside of the refrigerator for 30 minutes. At this point, the powder should be completely dissolved and the liquid should appear clear.

Now, it’s ready to be injected.


Why Injections Are the Best

You may come across products on the market, such as HGH patches, pills and sprays. However, growth hormones have large molecules that are too large to pass through your skin and mucus membrane. Because of this, these type of products won’t work.

If you want to ensure you’re getting a high-grade Humatrope for your HGH treatment, shop with us. Browse through our site today to find different size injectable kits.