What Causes Gray Hair and How HGH Can Help Stop It

Celebrities and everyday people are resorting to HGH injections for its anti-aging effects. The world is looking for ways to stay younger longer, and it seems the topic of HGH keeps popping up. A lot of people buy Norditropin pen because it offers the proper dosage of HGH. This reduces chances of using the wrong amount. There are different aspects of aging we all hate, one in particular is graying hair.

After you turn 30, you have a 10 to 20 percent chance of graying hair every decade you grow older. Gray hair is inevitable, and for many, it comes a lot sooner because of poor lifestyle and diet habits. Stress and not getting a sufficient amount of nutrients can cause a chain reaction that lead to rapid aging, including graying. Your hair color is made up of melanin, which is what makes it dark colored. There are two different types of melanin – dark melanin and light melanin. The two blend together to make different shades of hair color.

During your youthful years, unique pigment stem cells are insert pigment into your keratin containing cells. Keratin is a protein that forms your hair strands. It’s also responsible for giving your hair color. As you get older, your melanin levels decrease, which causes your hairs to turn gray. Then it eventually becomes white, when there’s no melanin left.

According to science, there is a gene that is linked to graying hair. Until now, it was always a mystery how hair turned gray. A team of researchers from around the world got together and made the discovery. It’s the same gene that was previously linked to blond hair found in Europeans. About 30 percent of the participants in the study had this same gene. The others didn’t have it, but likely had gray hair due to stress, environmental factors and age.

The next step is to find a way to manipulate the gene in order to stop gray hair. According to one professor of Cell Biology from the University of Bradford in England, hair follicles are likely regulated by a melanogentic clock, similar to how our biological clock works. It’s suggested that your hair becomes gray due to genetics and age, and that your genes regulate the exhaustion of the pigmentation of each hair follicle. For some people, this is a rapid process, while for others, it’s more gradual, occurring over a course of several decades.

Other factors play a role in hair graying as well, such as:

  • Oxidative stress: This is increases free radicals, which are tied to rapid aging. Free radicals are known to stem from pollution and poor diet as well. When free radicals outnumber your antioxidant levels, it causes you to age. Hair graying is an indication of oxidative stress.
  • Smoking: You’ve likely seen a lot of middle-aged smokers with a head of gray strands. Some even start getting gray hair before they reach 30 years old.
  • Hydrogen peroxide: This is used for bleaching hair, but did you know this is also produced naturally by your body? As you grow older, your body produces more of it, which is why researchers believe it causes your hair to lose pigmentation.

Reversing signs of aging is possible when you make certain diet and lifestyle changes. You can also buy supplements like the Norditropin pen, which can hasten results of working out and weight loss. It has also been linked to preventing and reversing grayed hair. Celebrities like Sylvester Stallone, Nick Nolte, Alana Stewart and Suzanne Somers have all boasted about the anti-aging benefits they’ve witnessed while taking HGH. Stewart stated that she had a few gray hairs coming in and then after taking HGH, the gray hairs were gone. You too can buy Norditropin pen online from a reputable seller.