Can Exercise Enhance Your Memory and Cognition?

We know that exercising can help build strong muscles, make us flexible and increase our longevity, especially when you buy HGH online and use it in tandem with your work outs. There have been countless studies that have proven the many desirable effects of working out, but most people still don’t know that exercise can help prevent cognitive decline commonly associated with aging – this includes dementia.

The research that’s been published thus far shows that intense workouts can help slow your brain from aging by up to 10 years. It’s odd to think that exercise could have such a major effect on your mind. The researchers behind these studies have found various mechanisms that link the brain with your body, including how exercise affects BDNF, or brain-derived neurotrophic factor. This is found in your brain and muscles.

Brain Matter is Preserved and Grown by Exercise

When you work out, your body creates a protein known as FNDC5, which allows production of BDNF. This helps to rejuvenate your brain in a number of ways, such as by preserving the brain cells you already have,activating stem cells in your brain to turn into new neurons and helps your brain to grow, especially in the hippocampus region where your memories are stored.

There was a study performed that showed how exercising mice were able to grow 6,000 new brain cells in the hippocampal region. In another study, senior citizens walked between 30 and 45 minutes three times per week for a year and this too showed a two percent increase in volume in their hippocampus.

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Your Brain Shrinks Over Time

Normally, as you grow older, the hippocampus region shrinks. The research above resulted to scientists believing that exercise is the most promising non-drug treatment for enhancing the human mind. It was also found that working out could preserve your white and gray matter located in the frontal, temporal and parietal cortexes. This in turn allows cognition to be preserved.

When people exercise four hours after learning something, it helped to boost their long-term memory retention. It’s still unclear why this is so, but seems to be connected to the release of catecholamines, which is a chemical naturally produced that helps improve memory consolidation.

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